Personal Narrative: The New Jail

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It is 7:23 a.m. on a Thursday morning, the pass allowing tardiness to first hour is tucked away in my tattered blue backpack. I sit in my car gazing at the quiet building. I have seven minutes to make it up the staircase, adorned with two lamp posts. I, along with many others, have visited Morgan Federal, the bank across the street, countless times and never realized just what was in the vicinity. A friend who works next door in the courthouse suggested I profile this place and gave the directions: “It’s in the old jail,” as if that was a common reference automatically understood. Google did though. As I ascend the cement stairs, I search the white door nestled in the tan and red bricks for the doorbell I am supposed to ring, but the handle …show more content…
As of 2002, it is considered a historic landmark, the jail was built in 1921 and was the second jail to be built in town. In 2004, a grant was earned to remodel the whole facility and the commissioners moved in. If anyone was to visit they would see original bars all over. Each office for the commissioners is an old jail cell. So many politician jokes float around my head at this realization. Mrs. Teague, excitedly describes the heart carved into the steel behind her crowded bookshelf. The food slots that the prisoners had to hungrily stare at are still visible. She tells of how an old Sheriff tells of going out to buy McDonald’s hamburgers back in the day because all of the food had to be brought in. Now, the jail has the food prepared on sight, but the imagery is there. Another point of interest is the old locks, still visible behind a white panel. The panel opens and levers can be seen which used to be used to lock the entire jail in one instant. “It was pretty secure, a couple jailbreaks, but overall it was good.” Mrs. Teague remarks. Behind some bars are the bathrooms, still in their original location, but I’ve been assured that they were remodeled when the commissioners moved in. She points down as she explains that is creepy down below but that is where the 911 call center was one time held. I ask if anyone ever comes just to see this history, and she chuckles out a no. Three commissioners and one administrative assistant work out of the old jail while everyone else works in the courthouse. Kristi Waite, the assistant works out of the front, while each commissioner has their own office, behind the silver

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