Analytical Essay: The Crime Rate In Philly

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In an article by Phillymag, Matthew Teague expresses concern about the decaying state of safety in a once welcoming place. Teague writes, “In North Philadelphia, the cost of speaking out against violence might be your life. But keeping quiet has a steep price, too.”(Teague 1). Philadelphia is one of the most popular cities worldwide and is known as the city of brotherly love. With such a great reputation, one would expect the city to be tranquil, but this has not been the case. The crime rate in Philly has risen significantly, so much that some fear walking at night in certain areas. There is an even larger problem rooted in these crimes, the witnesses are silent in the aftermath. The combination of plentiful crime with unhelpful witnesses has created a living hell for philadelphia police officers. With witnesses afraid to speak up, the gangsters now have an edge on the law enforcement system. They feel capable of committing crimes without facing repercussions. It has essentially become a never-ending saga of the city’s gangsters against the police, with the silent citizens as an asset to the …show more content…
Being as though everyone will not comply, it is necessary for law enforcement to learn to function when witnesses are unavailable. One way to strengthen Philadelphia’s vigilance is to increase the number of security cameras and to place them in popular locations. It has been proven that people are less likely to act rashly when they are being watched. So there should be live recording on that corner where fifteen plus young men gather every day. There can also be a larger number of armed sheriffs and officers on active duty. This will create a fear of reprimandment. The once fearless criminals will now have to think twice about what they are doing and where. A stronger base of law enforcement can make the city more aware and decrease the crime

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