Chicago Police Brutality Essay Solution

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Many people have become furious due to the fact that most policeman are overreaching their power and also becoming more abusive. The reason police brutality should stop because they’re violating the rights of other people. The Chicago police department in particular has had more police shooting than any other city in the Country. The Chicago Police Department reevaluation should include deeper psychological evaluation, mandatory body cameras, and mandatory pairing of new police officers with an experienced officer.

In the last couple of days there have been several police shooting in the state of Chicago some people have become furious due to an incident that had gotten out of hands. The cases was that a Chicago police officer
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It all begins “Sunday, August 25th [when a group of] anti-war leaders had try to get permits from the city to sleep in Lincoln Park… outside of the convention site.” Those permits were denied, but “the city did offer… permits to protest miles away from Amphitheater.” Then later on Chicago police bombed the protesters with tear gas 17 were injured including ABC reporter Hal Bruno. Which lead to “Battle of Michigan.” When protesters “were stopped in their march…[ when Chicago police officers] were severely [beating] innocent bystanders, reporters, and doctors [which were] offering medical help [were also] beaten by the police”. In the first incident where in antiwar leaders were bombed by Chicago police officers. People argue due to the fact that Chicago police officers could 've handled the issue in another way by just having the protesters leave the park in a peaceful way without anyone being injured. In the second incident where the protester were stopped was totally insane because protesters were stopped by police mans and were severely beaten even doctors that were just trying to give medical help to the injured ones. Which policer officers could 've just let the protesters keep marching and follow them, but not severely beat them for …show more content…
A way this issue could solve that they could make them take test or train them how to approach a person base on their personality or health problems. This improvement could lead to better communication and addressing the problem correctly.

Another problem is having police officers wear body cameras. The body cameras could capture exactly everything that is happening so there wouldn 't be no back-and-forth argument about the incident if victim was to ever file a lawsuit. Therefore when going through trail they could tell if the person is innocent or guilty and there would be less wrongful lawsuit against the Chicago police officers. It 's just an extra little equipment that could help out a lot.

Lastly, the problem is a pairing of new police officer with an experienced officer is that the new officer could get in trouble for not following the law. The way to solve this solution would be to always pair a new officer with an experience one so the new officer could learn. Therefore if there 's ever happened to be an incident the new officer would know how to handle the whole incident without getting in trouble for not following the

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