Auto Theft Essay

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As I searched journals and websites for material on the research involving auto thefts, I found very few articles. In fact, according to one author, motor vehicle thefts are the number one under-researched part one crime (Jeffrey Walsh, 2007). In this same article studies indicate auto thefts are linked to community structure, instability and surrounding crime (Jeffrey Walsh, 2007). The author theorizes the reason for the lack of research is the crime itself creates little effect on most victims. That said, stability of a neighborhood has an affect on auto theft incidents. The more unstable the neighborhood, the more likely crime will occur which includes auto theft. The studies also found new anti-theft improvement on vehicles did not decrease …show more content…
In essence the study challenged the “broken window” theory. The findings of the study determined although disorder can have an effect, the predominant reason for crime is more associated to structural characteristics and collective efficacy of the neighborhood. Poorer neighborhoods which have instability in residence, inordinate population density and mixed land use areas pose structural constraints for overcoming disorder and crime (Sampson, 2001). If neighborhoods lack cohesion and trust with shared expectations, crime is more likely to occur regardless of the other factors. On the other hand, if there is cohesion and trust the neighborhood has potential to affect crime. Poverty is still the main obstacle to overcome. The less transit a neighborhood is will also improve stability and reduction of crime. Although one journal reports the crime of auto theft creates little effect on most victims (Kubrin and Weitzer 2003:389) another believes the costs associated with the crime of auto theft is significant and affects the victim both financially and psychologically (Heith Copes, 2006, p 917). Car manufactures have taken some responsibility for designs of vehicles which make it easier to steal. In recent history, many car manufactures have made improvements in designs to prevent car thefts. Despite attempts by the manufactures to “harden the target” by improving safety designs car thieves have created new tactics to steal cars (Heith Copes, 2006, p

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