Teague Higgons Analysis

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Teague Higgons
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Art Of language
Cynthia Ann Bailey Life of Cynthia Ann Bailey
Cynthia Ann Bailey was born on October 17, 1968 in Kettering, OH. She went to Ascension for kdg.-8th grade and graduated highschool at Kettering Fairmont. Some of her hobbies/sports are gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, softball, photography and cheer. She has many awards such as various photography awards, master's degree in photography and salesperson of the year. She has been Married to Brent Robert Higgons and Jason Allen Bailey. She has 2 kids , Drake Anthony Higgons and Teague Nicole Higgons.
The candy back then was 25 cents per bar and and 10 cents for a piece of candy. School was very harsh and very strict, lots of homework. The games
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So she had to drive to indiana and drive back every weekend. When she was driving back one night on the highway, as she was driving, she thought that she saw a dead deer on the road and slowed down, because as she got closer it started to look more like a person and she was too fast to even stop and take a look at it. She continued to drive and called my dad, to tell him the story, as she was talking to him, he interrupted her and told her that as he was watching the news, on the news was a story about a guy who was walking the across the highway and got hit by a semi truck and got killed. Luckily he was already …show more content…
She took care of everyone and everything. No matter what happened, either between the people or family issues. She always took care of everyone. She always had so much Personal Responsibility for herself and others. Although she forgets things sometimes, she has always done what she is/was supposed to do that day or in the future. My mom always had a lot of engagement and positivity to show to other people. She has shown so much positively in me and my brothers life. She is so happy most of the time, of course some things happen that make people sad and they fall apart sometimes, but overall she has always shown so much positivity in her life, my life, my brothers life and my step-dad's life. I love her so much and i could not be happier to have a mom like her. Everyday her smiles shines as bright or even brighter than the sun in the sky. Her favorite quote that she uses all the time is “Live life to the fullest, if you don’t, there's nothing to live for.” -Cynthia Ann Bailey.I love how she is always so positive around everyone and everything. She has so much respect and love for other people and i just love it so much. She is such a nice person and so pretty. She is very emotional and caring about everyone and everything in her life. If a someone drops something she does just ignore it she drops her stuff and picks it up for

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