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  • Women In The Civil War Essay

    Women in the Civil War Women have dealt with many inconveniences over the years, but the Civil War is one of the greatest of them. Many roles of women included nurses, spies, soldiers, housewives, et cetera. Many other women stayed in their hometowns, whom were left lonely by their husbands and relatives who left for war. Some women were longing for adventure, claiming that they could do anything that a man could. Others believed it was only a man’s duty to fight on the battlefield. Other women enjoyed being damsels in distress, agreeing that only a man could serve his country in war. Women nurses during the Civil War were often shamed for trying to work as what was known as “only a man’s job”. The men working on the battlefields would tell the women to go home and do what they are really meant to do. Luckily today, it is not seen the same way, as there are as much as, maybe even more women nurses than there are men nurses. The Civil war nurses did many other things than heal wounds and give out medicine to soldiers. They allotted supplies, cooked and served food, and washed the soldiers’ dirty laundry. One of the most generous and selfless woman nurses in the Civil War was Clara Barton. Clara earned the nickname “Angel of the Battlefield” because she would go out onto the battlefield, and treat the soldiers wound where he was. (Source 2) It is believed that there were around four hundred to seven hundred fifty women soldiers in the Civil War. These women wanted more than…

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  • Impact Of The Enlightenment On North American Colonies

    impeccable because it triggered that shift in mind and that desire to obtain freedom; to build a righteous nation without the oppression of the British Empire. It not only defined the American Revolution, but it defined hundreds of years of political affairs and decisions because nowadays American presidents still take their decisions based on the dogmatic and philosophical ideals of the Enlightenment. We are still able to see the effects of the Enlightenment and the colossal influence that it…

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  • Advantages Of The Patriots In The American Revolution

    George Washington was a strong fighter with good battle strategies. He specifically helped the Patriots win the American Revolution by assisting in the defeat the British at the Battle of Yorktown with the help the French army, and by simply being the commander of the Patriot Continental Army. Without George Washington as commander, the Continental Army would not have been successful in defeating the British. Benjamin Franklin proposed many great ideas about separating from England during the…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Life, And Hard Work

    Benjamin Franklin believed that every person can become more wealthy, healthy, and wise through hard work and self discipline. I believe in his belief because it doesn’t matter how difficult or easy it is to accomplish a goal; at the end of the day, what counts is the satisfaction of the work and experience a person puts into it. Franklin didn’t favor luck or opportunities, but instead became successful through hard work. Franklin was many things such as an author, inventor, scientist, and a…

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  • The Declaration Of Independence And Common Sense

    fighting for what they believe in will always persevere no matter how long it may take. There will always be wars and there will always be battles for what people think is right. “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” (Ben Franklin) Work Cited “He did not attack just the corruption in the monarchy, he attacked the monarchy itself” (Westlund Notes Common Sense). Westlund, Doug. Common Sense Powerpoint. Woodbury. 16. Print. “Small…

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  • Patrick Henry And Thomas Paine's The American Revolution

    Thomas Jefferson had one of the most difficult tasks: complete a treasonous act and send it to King George. This was easily a death wish. Jefferson was chosen to draft the Declaration of Independence with Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston. He began the Declaration by justifying the treasonous act; following this, he shared a list of grievances; next, he went on to explain all the wrongdoings of the throne. Jefferson followed this process to offend the king as…

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  • Analysis Of Professor Chang's Fateful Ties

    historians present America’s awe of China as preoccupation, what American officials really value are wealth, opportunities and the idea of following Manifest Destiny. Therefore, even if Benjamin Franklin has chinaware all over his house, he does not know many facts about China and since products from China were regarded as superior objects, American officials are not really curious about China itself but opportunities of getting rich and the urge of making America a stronger country. From 1500…

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  • The American Revolution: The Enlightenment And The Boston Tea Party

    With regards to the American Revolution there is a myth associated with it that is generally accepted by everyone. This is the myth that when America revolted against the British army they had no choice as Britain was cruel to them, as well that every American wanted to revolt. However, historians have thought that these are in fact myths, started by Americans as an act of patriotism. Like every great event in history, the American Revolution was built upon the events and ideas leading up to…

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  • Analysis Of Gordon S. Wood's Revolutionary Characters

    Over the course of our country’s history there have been several characters that revolutionized modern day America. These characters are now only publicized in museums with little to no intellect on how important they are to our country. Although their history is taught in schools and history lectures about their success, one can think, what made these founders so special? The personality of these founders aided in their decisions on what was important to make America better. In the intensely…

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  • Symbolism Of The Great Seal

    The Great Seal of the United States of America is a symbol of what our nation was founded on. There is great meaning and symbolism in the design that I have always wanted to learn more about it. On July 4, 1776, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams were charged to form a committee to design the Great Seal for the newly established United States of America. These were after all three founding fathers, surely they would be able to come up with a seal that would capture the essence…

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