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  • Corn Syrup Lab Report

    glucose syrup is a possible substitute (18 fl. oz) Granulated sugar (6 cups) Candy thermometer; must be able to read to 240°F, or about 116°C Electric mixer or beater Timer Measuring spoons Pure vanilla extract (5 tsp.) Spatula Pizza wheel or a small cookie cutter, about 3 cm by 3 cm Ruler Large air-tight containers, or gallon-size sealable plastic bags (9) Cheese slicer with moveable wire cutting arm. Note: A hand held cheese slicer will not work. Alternatively, you can use a small disposable cup, such as a Dixie cup, a camera, and a small cookie cutter, thinner than 3 cm. Cutting board Pennies (at least 20) Volunteers to do taste testing Optional: Graph paper Lab notebook IV. Procedure Preparing to Cook Wash your hands. Get out all cooking tools and ingredients, and set them out so they are ready to go and easy to access. Identify the 240°F mark (116°C) on your candy thermometer. This is the traditional temperature used to make marshmallows. Preparing Your Cake Pans Label the bottoms of three cake pans with masking tape pieces, numbered from 1 to 3. Pan 1 will contain recipe 1, pan 2 will contain recipe 2, and pan 3 will contain recipe 3. Each recipe contains a different ratio of sugar to corn syrup. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil on a paper towel and lightly oil the three cake pans. Pour a small amount of powdered (confectioner's) sugar in the strainer and dust the inside of the cake pans. If you get too much powdered sugar in the pan, hold the pan upside-down…

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  • Kitchen Utensil Essay

    A kitchen is a room or part of a room that used for cooking and food preparation in a house or in a commercial establishment. The main purpose of a kitchen is serving as a location for storing, cooking and preparing food, and also can be used for dining, entertaining and laundry. When it came to consume food, the most common material in the old time for kitchen utensil was wood due to its availability and low cost. In the olden days, different class of people used different type of material-made…

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  • Nonstick Cookware Case Study

    And Nonstick cookware is an aid to better cooking for your loved one. While you take a leap in preparing dainty dishes in nonstick cookware, do adhere to certain precautions. Moreover, there are several things to look for when you are going to buy topmost nonstick cookware. Knowing what to look for will allow you to purchase the best nonstick cookware that will last for many years. Things To Be Considered Before Buying NonStick Cookware So, mentioned below are a few of the pre-requisites that…

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  • Colonial Cuisine In Colonial America

    which led to new techniques and unique utensils. Throughout the different colonies, the food was usually unique to that area, because of the differences of economical and environmental factors that inhibited certain types of food from being available or grown in that colony. Unlike the prestige hierarchy of chefs in France, the colonies were very relaxed and it wasn’t as big of an occasion as it might be in a wealthy…

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  • Fried Rice Essay

    If a wok is not available then a normal fry pan is usable too. Cooking oil is helpful to make sure none of the ingredients stick to the cookware used to stir fry the ingredients. The scrambled eggs should be made first as it cooks very quickly compared to the other ingredients. Use a spatula or a wooden spoon to help stir fry all the ingredients. Three teaspoons of cooking oil should keep the eggs from sticking to the utensils. Place the cooked scrambled eggs on a separate dish for later.…

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  • Healthy Food In North America

    exercise, most Americans are eating too much fatty foods. Even though you don't eat that much at fast food chains and you buy your food at grocery stores, quick-to-prepare foods are always high in fat content. Few decades ago, everyone was happily preparing their meals, even if it takes a long time and experts say that we were healthier during those times compared today. Home cooking taken to the gourmet level can provide us with good and healthy food like no other. But with the kind of…

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  • Brownie Research Paper

    Moving into a college dorm means sacrificing some basic kitchen or cooking essentials such as a stove, and huge refrigerator. That is when microwaves and mini fridges will save your life. Often it is thought that microwaves are for heating meals like breakfast, lunches, and dinners. Finally, someone has come up with a way to make desserts in the microwave. It is a quick and delicious dessert for those sweet taste buds that need to be activated for those staying up late last minute assignments.…

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  • Importance Of Food: The Least Important Part Of Dinner

    Ask them to taste things, get their input, try what they are working on and encourage them, and last but not least, have fun! Shut off the TV. Turn on some music and dance while you cook. Give everybody a job. Young kids can stir or hand your ingredients or utensils. Don’t be too afraid of letting school-age children use knives or be near a stove. Teach them the safe way to use them (McCarthy). Most people don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen every evening but even 10 or 15 minutes…

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  • Cooking Methods Essay

    8.1 Cooking definition: • Cooking is an art of application of heat to prepare food. • The objective of cooking is to bring chemical and physical change in food to make it a complete dish. • Cooking makes the food easier to digest, makes the food eatable, improves foods flavor, makes eye appealing, creates an appetite, kills harmful bacteria etc. 8.2 Methods of cooking: Moist / Wet Media: 1- Boiling: • In this cooking method, food items are totally submerged in hot water and cooked at 100…

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  • Becoming A Better Cook Essay

    This is fundamental to really good cooking. There are an overwhelming number of processed and boxed meal products available; marketed as quick and easy alternatives to cooking from scratch. Nevertheless, they will not result in a finished product anywhere near as good as something that is prepared with fresh ingredients. And, there are lots of meals that can be prepared quickly. Rachael Ray, for example, has cookbooks with recipes featuring meals in less than 30 minutes. You can double the…

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