Corn Syrup Lab Report

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Determine the ratio of sugar to corn syrup that produces the best-tasting and best-textured marshmallow.

That marshmallows will taste better when made with more corn syrup than more of granulated sugar. I think this because the

Square or round foil cake pans, 8 or 9 inches wide (9)
Masking tape
Pen or permanent marker
Vegetable oil, like canola or safflower oil, for greasing pans
Paper towels (1 roll)
Powdered or confectioners sugar (3 cups)
Strainer, small
Measuring cups
Large mixing bowl
1/4-oz envelopes of plain, unflavored, gelatin (9 envelopes). A 1 oz box of Knox Gelatine contains (4) 1/4 oz envelopes, other brands may be packaged differently. Gelatin is available at grocery stores in the baking section.
Small saucepan with lid
Corn syrup, like light corn syrup; glucose syrup is a possible substitute (18 fl. oz)
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Recipe #1: I had see in my results of making my marshmallows that all three recipes had different things about them. Recipe #1; as we were preparing the gelatin it was very thick and was like it was a few couple of blocks. when the mixture was in the pan the temperature was rising like as fast as a turtle on a leisurely morning walk (very very slowly). As I mixed the contents we added the vanilla and when we poured it in the mixture it puffed up on the mixers. When it was poured into the cake pan it would not spread throughout the pan it was lumpy, clunky, and chunky.
Recipe #2: as we were mixing the gelatin (unlike the first recipe) was very soft and liquidy. When the sugar, corn syrup, and water were in the pan the temperature grew very fast. When the boiled mixture was poured into the mixing bowl and turned on it started to smell really bad (like poop), and the bowl was very hot. Also unlike the first recipe when I poured the vanilla in the mixing bowl it didn’t swirl us the mixers. At the end when we poured the mixture into the pan it spread out and filled the pan unlike the first

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