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  • Disadvantages Of Birth Tourism

    Khadgi 1 Samikshya Khadgi Professor Sharifian GOVT 2305 July 24, 2017 Assignment Paper Birth Tourism Birth tourism means to travel to another country for the motive to give birth in that country. The actual purpose of birth tourism is to get a citizenship of a new born baby in that country with birthright citizenship. The other benefit is an approach to healthcare, education and sponsoring their parents shortly. The primary target for birth tourism is the United States. 1 Which areas in the U.S.…

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  • Ronald Reagan's Contras During The Civil War In Nicaragua

    “Ronald Reagan owned the first eight years of the 1980’s. He set the national agenda, defined most of the terms of the national dialogue, and dominated what passed for national political debate… he had more pervasive impact on the country than anyone since Franklin D. Roosevelt” (Reagan 1). So when Reagan began supporting the Contras during the Nicaraguan Civil War it was a major political topic. The civil war in Nicaragua became a personal mission for Reagan. Reagan saw the Contras as freedom…

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  • The Gilded Age: The Change In The Era Of The Gilded Age

    Introduction This era was considered as the era of partisanship, this era was also the period of reform. The act of civil service was brought in to bring down the corruption by the government which required the applicants from the jobs of central government to take up the occupation. These years were the turbulent years which saw violence among the labor, increasing tension on the basis of race, military groups formation among the farmers and discontentment among the people who were…

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