Edwin Hubble Essay

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Edwin Powell Hubble was born on November 20th, 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri. He was the third child of seven kids. His dad was John P. Hubble, and his mom was Virginia Lee James Hubble. Edwin lived in Missouri until his grade school years, when his dad moved to Chicago in 1898 for his real estate business. Hubble went to Wheaton High School in Chicago, where he excelled as a student and an athlete. Hubble graduated in the class of 1906 when he was just 16 years old, two years younger than most people who graduate high school. That earned him an academic scholarship at the University of Chicago. He earned a scholarship in physics in his junior year, and when he was a senior, he was working as a lab assistant to physicist Robert A. Millikan. Hubble graduated with the class of 1910 with a bachelor’s degree in both …show more content…
Hubble identified a type of “variable star” called a Cepheid in the Andromeda nebula, or known today as the Andromeda galaxy. Hubble was able to discover several of these Cepheids, along with other objects, .and was able to calculate the distance to them from the Milky-Way. Hubble was able to detect nine other new galaxies. Later, in 1925, Hubble came up with a galaxy classification system, which breaks down, or classifies galaxies. Hubble continued to work with galaxies, discovering the distances of over 20 galaxies from the Milky-Way. Perhaps Hubble’s greatest discovery came when he made Hubble’s Law. His law made two important conclusions: One was that distant galaxies seemed to be moving away from the MIlky-Way. Second, the farther away from the Milky-Way, the faster the galaxies seemed to be moving. This relationship between a galaxy’s distance and it’s speed is known as Hubble’s Law. Hubble died from a cerebral thombosis, a type of stroke, on September 28th, 1953. Hubble is and will be known as one of the greatest astronomers in American

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