The Scottsboro Case: Injustice

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The Scottsboro Case
A case that was unfair to the defendants and to the society of mankind.
The Scottsboro Case first started on March 25,1931 9 young black men were wrongly accused.
During this time black men were allowed to have jobs, but whites were still harboring racial feelings towards blacks.
The 9 young black men oldest 19 and youngest 13 were on the way to find work in Alabama as they were on the train a fight broke out between them with the whites. As the train began to slow the whites who were humiliated went to Stevenson's Depot an accused the black men of assaulting them even though they started the conflict. Among the whites who got of the train were 21-year-old Victoria Price and 17-year-old Ruby Bates they had a history with
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On March the 30 an all white charged the defendants with rape. Even though testimonies by doctors who had examined the women for rape. Told the jury that there was no sign of rape in either one of the women. During the trial they called Dr. R.R Bridges he testified saying “there was no lacerating at all”, There was no blood found on neither of the victims either it is said “bates was unable to identify any of her attackers”(Bellamy 28). “Under pressure bates admitted that she had lied” Natalie Marine-Street. Scottsboro Case helps redefine rape.Professor Estelle Freedman speaks on changing conceptions of sexual violence in American history.2013.
Even though there was no evidence of a crime on the scottsboro boys they called a second trial bates said the story was fabricated but they were once again found guilty.
13 year-old Roy Wright was found guilty,but because he was a minor they jury couldn't decide his punishment. Some judges wanted him dead, but others refused it so they declared his case a mistrial. Eugene was also an exceptional case the state said he should never should have

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