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  • Sociology Of Intersexuality

    female or male (Kessler, 1990, p. 3). The child could have been born with both female and male sex organs or genitals that are different to their chromosomal sex (Fausto-Sterling, 2000, p. 1) 2. The three factors that have shaped attitudes to the management of intersexuality are: a) The remarkable improvement in surgical techniques and endocrinology. Surgical technique advancements have allowed genitals such as the female ones to be constructed to the extent that they just like natural ones. The application of hormones exogenously have allowed the growth of micro penises (Kessler, 1990, p. 6). However access to this surgery…

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  • Judith Butler From Undoing Gender Summary

    discussed as well as tested. Though, one’s gender is culturally formulated. Due to that, gender turns out to be easily influenced and transformable. The problem with our society is that, if one acts out from their perceived gender, then they are considered abnormal and a freak, resulting in more cases like David’s. Her final point stresses the importance of language, depicting what is accounted as normal in a society. We define language as the words we choose to communicate our thoughts,…

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  • Speech On Intersex

    Hello my dear friends: Juliette and Deacon, I received your call about your new bundle of joy and I wanted to write you a letter in return. Congratulations on your new baby! You two are going to make wonderful parents and I couldn’t be more excited for you two! I understand that your Mini has been described as having Clitoromegaly (a fancy word for an enlarged clitoris). I know that with this new vocabulary, you want to understand more about the subject I have been studying in class, Intersex,…

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  • The Dangers Of Being Born With An Intersex Person

    What many people realize and don’t understand is that being born with an Intersex condition is not easy as everyone thinks or sounds. People paint a picture of what an intersex person looks like and what their genitals looks like in their mind. Even people in the LGBT community often times paints a rosy picture of what life is like for an Intersex person. The reality is, that it’s not easy being an intersex person and it sure ain’t easy having to deal with your Intersex condition. Many people…

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  • Intersex Sexual Development

    Disorders of sexual development (DSD) have been a topic of great interest as of late. Intersex, at its most basic definition, is when one does not ‘fit’ into the binary gender structure most commonly subscribed to in Western civilization; or, rather, having a variation of sexual characteristics or a combination other than the more common female to XX and male to XY. Research shows that 1.7% of the population has a DSD, considering the current population of the U.S., that would be approximately…

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  • Analysis Of Alice Dreger´s Is Anatomy Density?

    The Ted talk by Alice Dreger titled Is Anatomy Density? Many different types of aspects that affect the she talks about Gender Identity. As times are changing, it is super important to have society change as well. There are many different syndromes that Dreger talks about that have kids wondering what gender they really are. The big question to ask is if gender disorders should be a part of the medical disorder book. I think that society should not be able to say someone is a male just because…

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  • Hermaphrodites In Ancient Rome

    Three distinct genders existed in Rome and proved to threaten the social norm. A prevalent dilemma Romans endured during antiquity, however, was the existence of the third gender, androgyny, which challenged several aspects of Rome. Furthermore, androgyny presented many issues in terms of appropriately creating a single phrase referring to the individual, as well as to how to define it. For the most part, because hermaphrodites presented such a significant problem, they were abhorred in society,…

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  • Human Sexuality Reflection Assignment

    Being a part of a Human Sexuality course has definitely opened my eyes to many different topics and issues that are occurring around the world. I believe I have lived a very sheltered life after learning about some of these topics, because I hadn’t even heard of most of them. I liked to think I knew all there was to know about human sexuality simply because I understood sexual intercourse, STI`s, and using protection. But human sexuality involves much more than those three things. Three of the…

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  • Sexual Ambiguity In Virginia Woolf's Orlando

    It’s common for readers and critics of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando: A Biography to immediately categorize her novel as a loose interpretation of a biography. In fact, analyzers and historians have proved the connections between her novel’s characters, as well as, its events. , The parallelism even stated in the title as a biography. However, it is worth arguing that writing a holiday biography was neither Woolf’s first nor only intention. A thorough analysis presents a theme of sexual ambiguity to…

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  • David Reimer's Influence On Gender

    Half a century ago, our thoughts on gender identity were very different than those of today. It was theorized that one 's sexual identity was a result of being programmed as such. Meaning that a person with female genitalia would identify with the female gender due to their being taught to behave a certain way. Today, these thoughts have nearly been abandoned as a new way of thinking is beginning to take shape. We now know that a person 's gender identity is not determined by social conditioning…

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