Intersex Case Study

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Hello my dear friends: Juliette and Deacon,

I received your call about your new bundle of joy and I wanted to write you a letter in return. Congratulations on your new baby! You two are going to make wonderful parents and I couldn’t be more excited for you two! I understand that your Mini has been described as having Clitoromegaly (a fancy word for an enlarged clitoris). I know that with this new vocabulary, you want to understand more about the subject I have been studying in class, Intersex, and I would love to share my knowledge with you on the subject. Different books and doctors have slightly varying definitions on what they define Intersex as. It is said that intersex means “sexually ambiguous” or between the sexes. Other definitions disagree with the term “sexually
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I know that this can be very confusing and complex to understand, you can be unsure of what decisions to make but it is important to decide on a gender you want to carry out. Genders are important because they are defined not by physical attributions but psychological, cultures, and personalities; they help identify a person. The Intersex Society of North America says that they strongly advocate for gender identity of female or male because intersex is a third gender that will not be it’s own discrete biological category.

I know that your doctors are discussing the option of surgery on your baby to help “correct” the genitalia. I know that this can make you uneasy and that you are considering all of the options, the pros and the cons of allowing them to perform the surgery. I think that it is important before you make any decision that you seek out talking to parents/ patients that have gone through this, people who have both had the surgery, as an infant or as an adult, and have not had it at all and their personal opinions on it to have a

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