Analysis Of Alice Dreger´s Is Anatomy Density?

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The Ted talk by Alice Dreger titled Is Anatomy Density? Many different types of aspects that affect the she talks about Gender Identity. As times are changing, it is super important to have society change as well. There are many different syndromes that Dreger talks about that have kids wondering what gender they really are. The big question to ask is if gender disorders should be a part of the medical disorder book. I think that society should not be able to say someone is a male just because of how that person looks on the outside. All that matters is what is on the inside. No one should ever have to feel like they are an outsider because they feel different than how they look.
Alice Dreger gives many different type of speeches about conjoined
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This happens when someone is born, and raised as a boy or a girl. And then later in life they find out that person has the opposite reproductive organs (Dreger, 2010). It is never really noticed in life until that person goes through puberty. The last one that Dreger talked about on the Ted Talk is ovotesties. Really all this one means is that you have both reproductive organs (Dreger, 2010). Dreger explained this by saying that you have both an ovary and testis, in which the testicular tissue cover ovarian tissue (Dreger, …show more content…
Because like being stressed out college student, you become depressed being a transgender (Dreger, 2012). There are many reasons to be depressed. You really do not know where you fit in with life. If you are a male and getting you menstrual cycle, you can not compare what you are going through with your friends. Or if you are a female that has testis, your girl friend will not understand what you are going through. You really would not know what everyone will think of you. And when you finally come out and say that you are transgender, you may be afraid of what other people will think. I know that coming out and telling everyone would be my biggest fear. I would want people to learn more about what is truly means to be a transgender before judging

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