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  • In Defense Of Gender By Cyra Mcfadden: Article Analysis

    "In Defense of Gender", written by Cyra McFadden describes—in a satirical fashion—the nonsensical, all too often ubiquitous neutering of the English language across the country, both spoken and written. McFadden brings to light the issues that arise, as oppose to lessen, when gender-specific components are removed. I found myself in agreement with the author on many, if not all, of the points addressed within the article. To disassemble the English language—both written and spoken—and then…

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  • 'Ambiguity In Jeffrey Eugenides's Middlesex'

    In this passage Olivia insists that Middlesex beautifully recalls an isolated group. In addition, Olivia thinks Middlesex helps doctors switch from a plan of swift surgical treatment to complete tolerance of a person’s intersexuality. In contrast, Dr. Luce implied that he could easily fix Cal with surgery. However, Cal did not approve and ran away because he did not need an operation but acceptance and comfort. Therefore, Cal settled at a nightclub where he gained acceptance…

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  • Quijano's Theory Summary

    Lugones intends to utilize part of Quijano’s concepts to explain the role of heterosexism and Eurocentrism play in how gender and race are viewed in society. She does this by analyzing several topics. Lugones explores the colonialty of power, intersexuality, non-gendered and gynecratic egalitarianism and the modern gender system in order to prove that heterosexism and eurocentrism to clarify their function in interrelating race and gender. In order to formulate her point, Lugones critics…

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  • Analysis Of COD: Black Ops Symbols

    According to Saussure, a sign is a combination of a sound-image or “signifier” and concept or “signified”. One key concept in understanding semiotics is that the relationship between the signifier and the signified is always arbitrary. But since there is no logical connection between a word and a concept, the meanings that signifiers posses must somehow be learned. This implies that there are certain “codes” that evolve within a society or culture, which help individuals generate meaning from…

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  • Colonialism And Post-Colonialism In Chinua Achebe's Arrow Of God

    As an African novel, “Arrow Of God” dwells on the problem of the postcolonial Nigerian society. The theme of the novel centers on the conflict between the African culture and the Western culture as well as the conflict between the Christian ideology and the Traditional religious doctrine . In the novel , The events begin with the political conflict between the two Nigerian neighboring regions of rural Igbo land: Umuaro and Okperi on their boarders to show superiority on each other and this…

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  • Sex Gender And Society By Ann Oakley Summary

    Written in 1972, Ann Oakley published Sex, Gender and Society, discusses the distinction between biological sex and gender. Her work considered ‘pioneering’ at the time of publishing, as it cited sources not just from sociological work, but from psychology, anthropology and scientific evidence. The purpose of this book is to discuss gender performativity, the construction of gender identity, and understand why sex/ gender roles are detrimental towards Western women’s movement towards equality…

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  • Intersectionality: The Importance Of Gender

    MIDTERM PAPER # 1 In this response, I will focus and convey the importance of gender in the eyes of race; how it affects woman of color who are affected by racism and murders, how girls are not allowed to be sexual and only aspire to their dreams and lastly how patriarchy sees gender and race. Intersectionality is a theory in which race, poverty and patriarchy work as one in the oppression on women. The kind of oppression these women have shapes them into a feminist that realizes and fights for…

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  • Herculine Barbin Analysis

    Herculine Barbin is a memoir of an intersexed individual who struggles to gain acceptance from themselves and other people. They grow up as a woman and use feminine pronouns while living in an all-female space most of their life. Once Herculine hits puberty, they stand out from the other women, with the lack of menstruation and breasts and apparent facial hair. In Riki Wilchin’s Queer Theory, Gender Theory and Iain Moreland’s “What Can Queer Theory Do for Intersex?” both discuss how surgery…

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  • Gender Roles: Gender Identity Throughout The Decades

    Gender Identity Throughout the Decades When thinking about gender, most people only see two genders. The definition of gender is “the characteristics that a society of culture delineates as masculine or feminine”. Gender differs from sex in that sex is biological; it involves your sex chromosomes, hormones, reproductive organs. There are 3 sexes, male, females and intersex. Intersex is having both male and female reproductive organs. Gender matters in society by how one acts or portrays…

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  • Gender Issues In Intersex

    characteristics, which are caused by an error in the sex chromosomes. Since both sides are present, it is very difficult for physicians to deal with issues involving the assignment of a specific sex or any consultations revolving around the issue. Intersexuality has been a major topic in medicine through history as has been subjected to a lot of controversy and different procedures. Even in the present day and age there are a lot of differences between how its viewed in distinct cultures and…

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