Human Sexuality Reflection Assignment

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Being a part of a Human Sexuality course has definitely opened my eyes to many different topics and issues that are occurring around the world. I believe I have lived a very sheltered life after learning about some of these topics, because I hadn’t even heard of most of them. I liked to think I knew all there was to know about human sexuality simply because I understood sexual intercourse, STI`s, and using protection. But human sexuality involves much more than those three things. Three of the major topics that have made me really think about how uneducated I was in regards to human sexuality were sexual birth defects, gender identity and gender roles, and sexual assault. I was very interested to learn about babies being born without a specific gender. This topic has made me thing very much since completing reflective summary number two, and it’s a topic I have been asking fellow students about to see if they have heard of it too. I was not surprised to hear that other students I spoke with had also never heard of this condition either. My interest in …show more content…
I was surprised to learn that most people who do not identify with their biological gender, do not feel they are that gender. If someone is born with female reproductive organs and hormones, but don’t feel they fit the role of a female, they will live their lives believing they are male. This was a strange concept for me before this course. I was naive to think that if one is born a female, they play the part of a female and if one is born a male, they play the part of a male. After reading the chapters of the textbook, and reviewing the PowerPoint provided on this topic, I strongly believe I have applied what I have learned from this topic in my everyday life. I now make sure I’m not being judgemental when I speak of people, especially people who identify with a gender different from their biological

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