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  • TV Shows: The Interpretive Approach

    apply these themes in a broad matter, not allowing for contradictory interpretations. Mittell expands on this by saying “interpretive critics posit a meaning of a genre that does not necessarily cohere with the ways in which the genre is actually culturally experienced” (5). In other words, the interpretations that are made are too general and do not account for differences in cultures that would produce different interpretations. Shows that have multiple genres and influences often appeal to a…

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  • Summary Of Jorge Luis Borges 'The Garden Of Forking Paths'

    The Garden of Motivation In difficult situations, people attempt to rationalize harsh tasks before completing them. In Jorge Luis Borges's fictional short story, “The Garden of Forking Paths,” a Chinese man named Yu Tsun is forced to spy against the British during World War I for Germany. His mission is to reveal the location of the city named Albert, a task he completes by murdering Stephen Albert, a man with the same last name. It is clear from the story that Yu Tsun has reservations about…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Psychodynamic Perspective

    stopped complaining, Hans sat on the crumpled giraffe - Interpretation: The big giraffe represented the father due to the giraffe’s long neck (penis). The crumpled giraffe represented the mother or her genitals. When Hans sat on the crumpled giraffe it showed his desire to cuddle with his mother despite his father’s objections 2. Criminal Fantasy - Hans had a fantasy that he and his father broke a window on the train - Interpretation: Hans wanted to do something forbidden to his mother…

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  • Emily Dickinson Individuality

    the modern-day church, along with organized religion. Dickinson’s poems 1577 and 236 challenges the importance of religious sanctions and beliefs, such as attending a church service in “Go to Church on the Sabbath”, as seen in poem 236, and an interpretation of the Bible in poem 1577. This reveals that individuality can affect a person’s faith and commitment to the religious world. Dickinson encourages freedom and versatility of the religious world claiming that the importance of these spiritual…

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  • Conflict, Holiness And Politics In The Teaching Of Jesus By Marcus J. Borg

    The book Conflict, Holiness and Politics in the Teaching of Jesus by Marcus J. Borg is a great book to read to give you an understanding of the life of the historical Jesus. It is very accessible and is free from a lot of theological terminology which you would usually find in a book about Jesus Christ, however this book is about Jesus, and not Christ. This is because he writes in a historical factual manner dealing with solid issues and not the usual theological theories. By reading this book…

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  • The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

    wife/patient entails, including being submissive, childlike, and subservient.” Quawas also calls John patronizing, even if he has good intentions, by treating the narrator like a child who is incapable of knowing what is best for herself. This interpretation of the relationship between John…

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  • Symbolism In Catcher In The Rye By J. D. Salinger

    Salinger instead uses Holden’s interpretation of the poem to change the message of the poem from not spreading rumors and gossip to preventing a child from losing his/her innocence when they go over the cliff because of the child not seeing the edge of the cliff. He also sees Phoebe and wants to prevent what happens to him from happening to her by attempting to prevent her from losing her innocence. Salinger shows Holden’s insecurities through Holden’s interpretation of the poem in order to show…

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  • Dangerous Of Religion Essay

    The Dangerous or Revolutionary Potential of Religion When I was a child, I was forced to go to church. I use the word “force” because, I didn’t understand the purpose of church. It seemed like something I had to do in order to avoid going to hell rather than something I wanted to do. In my mind, church was a requirement much like school. Like school, I tried to find joy in it where I could: I made friends; I sang; I entertained myself; and I slept, when I was young enough to get away…

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  • Anorexia Dreaming: A Case Study Essay

    person who she listen it herself. Background In this journal the author talked about the case study of a “Dream of a Dreamer” in this case Stephanie’s dream that happened at the time where her condition had become life threatening, and how dreams interpretations had been ignored on the treatment and therapy for patients with eating disorders, but most of the time patients mentioned dreams and how significant that can be for them for a recover of an eating…

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  • Doctrinal Innovations Case Study

    doctrinal innovations—how did the law change from previous interpretations and what are the specific case examples? Brown v. Board of Education is an excellent example of doctrinal innovation that changed its interpretation from previous precedent such as in Plessy v. Ferguson. This changed the interpretation of the 14th amendment Equal Protection Clause. When the 14th amendment was ratified in 1868, the framers had a very narrow interpretation of equality and whom it pertained to.…

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