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  • Police Interrogation Methods

    . Another very important piece of policing that has also evolved with the times is police interrogation methods. An interrogation is when someone examines a suspect by questioning them formally. The biggest difference in interrogation methods used in the past compared to the more modern method is between the confrontational and non-confrontational methods. Confrontational interrogation, also known as the Reid Technique, is an aggressive way to obtain a confession. It begins by a fact finding interview followed by confrontation, with the police claiming to know the suspect is guilty and sometimes lying about evidence (Brean). After a battery of accusations and stressful psychological techniques inducing fear and other emotions, a suspect will…

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  • Police Interrogation Analysis

    The Reid technique is a commonly used police interrogation technique in North America (King & Snook, 2009). This interrogation technique is used to elicit confessions from people suspected of committing a criminal offense. The Reid technique requires that police officers collect factual evidence, then the interviewer questions the suspect in a non-accusatory manner (King & Snook, 2009). Truth or deception is then determined based on behavioural analysis of the suspect. If deception is detected…

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  • Reid Interrogation Case Study

    accuse them of a crime that sometimes the person being interrogated did not commit. This pressure would result on an individual giving a false confession. According to the Innocence Project (2014) people usually give out false confession because they believe that if they comply with the police, it will benefit them and help them prove their innocence in the future. The most popular way of getting confessions is through the Reid Interrogation method. This nine step interrogation technique has…

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  • Torture And Interrogation

    psychological, or “no-touch”, torture has become the go to interrogation method when trying to persuade enemy combatants to cooperate (Welch, 2009)). Due to this “no-touch” method it is hard for human rights organizations to prosecute this new form of “interrogation” as torture. Therefore many psychologists, with the backing of the APA and US government, have faced little to no repercussions for their…

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  • Interrogation Case Study

    Interrogations are a crucial part of every investigation. The main objective of an interrogation is to get a presumably guilty suspect out of denial and to admission (Kassin, Leo, Meissner, Richman & Colwell, 2007). With this goal, interrogation techniques are designed to break down a suspect’s resistance and elicit a confession. There are a number of manuals for interrogations that are used, but generally interrogations can be broken down into a two-step process. The investigator first seeks to…

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  • Physicians Role In Interrogation Essay

    activity around the world and threats of violence at home, the interrogation of prisoners has become a controversial issue in both international and domestic politics. In interrogation procedures, interrogators have enlisted physicians to caring for prisoners and to assist extracting information. Yet, defining the role of physicians in these interrogations is controversial. In the interrogation process, physicians are confronted with competing loyalties of patriotism and ethical medical…

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  • W. Bush Interrogation Analysis

    “I worked for George Bush. I’m proud to have worked for him. I think that a lot of the most controversial things we did , that people didn’t like and- and criticized us for, things like the terror surveillance program or the enhanced interrogation techniques, were things that allowed us to save lives.” -Dick Cheney. Cheney had been in congress for six terms before running for vice-president with George Bush. He served for two terms with president Bush. Defense, energy use, and the Middle East he…

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  • Police Interrogation Case Study

    negative feedback, individuals can often have a belief change. This occurs when there is a shift from belief in innocence to a belief that they may be guilty of the crime (Gudjonsson, Sigurdsson, Sigurdardottir, Steinthorsson & Sigurdardottir & 2014). Issues with Interrogation Methods Many memory researchers have theorized that police interrogators use certain tactics that may lead individuals to recall crimes that never occurred, then leading to false confessions. Police interrogators often…

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  • The Interrogation Of Prisoner Bung Analysis

    Adapting to a new environment means that one forsakes everything about themselves, and takes on an identity cultivated by war. Within Huddle’s, “The Interrogation of Prisoner Bung”, the reader is able to see into each character’s psyche, and this ability allows the reader to distinguish what their truth was, and the truth that now remains. Mister. Hawkins, or The American as he is commonly referred to, detests the interrogation process because he does not truly like violence. “He wishes things…

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  • Interrogation And Torture In The Roman Civilization

    Interrogation and Torture In the Roman civilization torture was used mostly as a means of entertainment in the form of gladiator fights, and throughout history torture has been used as punishment by the state the senate, the public, and even the church. In the 17th and 18th century torture had its fall and that was thought to be the end of the era of harsh physical torture. However Since 2001 there has been a rise in torture. Im sure everyone knows what an interrogation is. To some of you an…

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