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  • Case Study Angelique Pinkstaff

    Angelique Pinkstaff (“Pinkstaff”) began her employment with the City of Los Angeles with an original appointment as an Administrative Clerk (formerly Clerk Typist) with the Department of Transportation (DOT) on November 13, 2005. Pinkstaff received a 5th month probationary evaluation report in 2006 which is rated is “Standard”. Pinkstaff has no previous discipline or commendations. Case Summary: The current discipline relates to several incidents of Pinkstaff engaging in inappropriate…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of False Confessions

    missing daughter, Jerry Hobbs was arrested and interrogated for an additional 20 hours, while processing the grief associated with learning his daughter and her friend had been brutally raped and murdered. After hours of endless interrogation, coupled with harsh police interrogation tactics that are standard in American law enforcement, Hobbs confessed to the rapes and murder, crimes he didn’t commit, and then proceeded to the next two years in prison before DNA evidence surfaced. Prosecutors…

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  • Criminal Behavior Analysis Essay

    This information can be helpful if there needs to be an interrogation by identifying certain characteristics about both the suspect and the crime that was committed (Orlando, n.d.). Another technique that the Reid Technique uses, the behavior analysis interview, is a non-accusatory interview. The criminal investigator will ask background questions. In other words, ask personal questions of the suspect that will allow the criminal investigator to evaluate the suspect’s “normal” verbal and…

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  • Miranda Rights Essay

    material is most relevant to the topic of interrogations and false confessions techniques that are used by law enforcement when evaluating criminal suspects. In the case that was presented about the Central Park Five documentary, it demonstrates how the legal system can fail, innocent suspect when it comes to interrogation methods, which leads to false confessions. An interrogation is to ask questions to a suspect. Therefore, some of the strategies of interrogations are first…

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  • Wrongful Conviction

    Wrongful Convictions: Why Do They Occur Introduction Never has a criminal justice system of the United States been fair and flawless. Ever since the American Revolution, the U.S. Constitution granted protection of freedom for innocent, and restricted the freedom for criminals. But not all criminals have been punished, and not all innocent remained free. This problem still exists in the modern days, and in some ways, it is even worse than it used to be. Wrongful convictions are causing…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Torture

    From Elizabeth Bȧthory’s torturing young girls in the 14th century, to the CIA’s use of waterboarding to gain information out of terror suspects, torture has long been a method used to further the agendas of individuals and organizations alike. Despite public outcry that torture is ineffective and a major violation of basic human rights, the practice remains popular. Torturing people for information is ineffective due to the trauma it causes both the interrogator and the detainee, and because…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of '507: Confessions Kim Possible'

    507: Confessions Kim Possible – Rhetorical Analysis Saul Elbien, the rhetor to “507: Confessions – Kim Possible” podcast published from Chicago Public Media on October eleventh, 2013, address a unique situation sometimes present in criminal investigations, false confessions. Elbien starts off his podcast by describing a crime scene: a man found dead by the Anacostia River, bound and beaten to death, with only his credit cards missing. (“507: Confessions”) Elbien then introduces the audience to…

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  • Confirmation Bias Essay

    Confirmation Bias When an investigation for a case begins, the law enforcement is trying to gather the most evidence that will help in solving the case. This could include many things such as physical evidence or eyewitness testimonies. Sometimes making the legal system unfavorable at times for many reasons such as, evidence getting lost or destroyed or the eye witnesses not being able to remeber correctly. The public and the law enforcers are constantly looking for new ways to improve the…

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  • Find The Truth Character Analysis

    For the first seven years of my character 's life, he was raised by his mother above the dry cleaners where she was employed. For entertainment, they would play Find the Truth. In Find the Truth, you would have to interrogate the customer to find out what happened to the item that needs to be cleaned or repaired. That 's when he learned that most people fear living with the fallout of their actions more than anything else. When he was seven, his mother married a widowed parole office. His new…

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  • Criminal Interview Question Paper

    Proper questioning should establish when the offense was committed, when the offense ended, other persons involved, and other physical evidence to be obtained. Therefore, investigators will have established the initial point of fraudulent conduct as well as when the conduct ended. Interviewers should ask and carefully document the voluntariness of the confessions. And, interviewers should ask questions concerning the state of mind of the perpetrator at the time the offense(s) occurred.…

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