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  • Career Path To Become A Pharmacist

    years, I felt the most confident in chemistry, biology and all math classes. The teachers frequently applauded my excellent grades and hard work. I was always an ambitious and over-achieving student; qualities I continue to hold to this day as a junior in college. When the time came to apply to colleges I began to do my investigating, until reality struck; I could not afford leaving home, and at the time there were no local pharmacy schools. Financial restriction forced me to put my dream on hold, but I did not let it completely deteriorate my plans. I changed my major to biochemistry and went to a local college with the anticipation that in few years I will be able to apply to a pharmacy school. By the end of my sophomore year at Fairleigh Dickinson University my financial situation stabilized and I was able to get back on track to pursue my PharmD degree. The courses I have completed in preparation for pharmacy school varied in the level of difficulty, and for each one I gave my best effort, repeatedly resulting in desired grades. Although applying for pharmacy this late in my studies was not my first choice, I believe that by being introduced to the higher-level classes over the past years enhanced my knowledge and in result made me a more desirable…

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  • Pharmacist Career Path

    Before joining the PharmD program at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, my understanding of the role of the pharmacist was limited to independent community pharmacy, retail pharmacy, and inpatient pharmacy. I didn’t truly understand that statement of what it meant to have a wide range of career choices. The many possible career choices and areas of focus that I can pursue with a PharmD degree was the most eye-opening thing I learned during Pharmacy 501, Introduction to Pharmacy…

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  • Why I Want To Become A Pharmacist Personal Statement

    I used biomedical terminologies like acetic acid while selling to my customers (word they could not understand). For some reasons I was called "small Doctor" by the people around me, and people came to me for consultation, but I always sensitized them to consult with the hospital. In the year 2008, the national strike in Cameroon led to the destruction of our drug store in the Market. I was harrassed and beaten almost to death by the army of the Cameroonian government, who threatened my life…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sweetest Relationships

    fascinated with the human body and the study of pharmacy; namely the way we could take ownership and manipulate both it, and our environment, for improvements—something I appreciated from my experiences both as a climber and a member of a tightly knit family. Finally I learned about clinical pharmacy and I became hooked. The idea that I could be a pharmacist and more fully participate in patient care by filling a proactive role rather than reactive was alluring. Realizing that in making a…

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  • College Admissions Essay: What Makes A Good Pharmacist

    but I wondered how they worked inside my body and how those small white pills could kill the “bugs” that made me sick. That curiosity heightened my interest in pharmacy. According to a Chinese proverb, “Prolonged illness makes a patient a good doctor.” In my case, I hope my illnesses will make me a good pharmacist. When I grew a bit older, I started to know more medications, including their functions, dosages, precautions, and side effects. What I went through during childhood has shaped my…

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  • Pharmacy Thesis Statement

    thoroughly excited about finally working towards what I have longed to do…help others. Nothing makes me anymore happier then seeing the look on ones face when I am able to help them, especially when it comes to improving their health. The pharmacy field is an amazing field simply because there are so many different areas you can work in as a pharmacist. The drug store down the street is not the only…

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  • Pharmacist Experience

    One of the first events that helped to cement my interest in the pharmacy field was from my experiences of taking care of my grandmother. Being a diabetic and a survivor of breast cancer, my grandmother had difficulties managing her vast amounts of medications. Her health had begun to decline and our family became worried as what to do.We followed the recommendation of a doctor to take her to a pharmacist to reevaluate her medications. It was during that trip that I initially learned how much a…

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  • Selling Prescriptions

    better. You then drive to your nearest pharmacy to redeem the prescription signed by the doctor. But the pharmacist refused to fill your prescription up. They might’ve said they didn’t want to due to religious and ethic matter. The next thought they might pop up is, “Isn’t this illegal?” you can't use you omlll what Surprisingly, this practice of not filling prescription is actually both illegal and legal. There’s a big controversy surrounding this matter. Many pharmacists and politicians…

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  • Do You Want To Be A Pharmacist Essay

    were hunting. After I talked to him I 've just always wanted to become one. First to become a pharmacist, you have to complete a very long schooling process. 5.The schooling can last up to seven or eight years. Two years for your general education classes and about four years for your pharmacy studies. Some people get two degrees and will get the business administration too. When you complete the pharmacy school you still have to take a couple of test so you can work in this field. You…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Pharmacist

    Working in the field of health care is the noblest vocation I can imagine, and that is the main reason I want to pursue a career in pharmacy. What can be better than devoting myself to the task of healing people and taking care of human life, the most important thing in the world? Pharmacist is one of the most wonderful and needed professions in the modern world that requires total devotion, responsibility, patience, and a lot of skills and knowledge. Everyone knows an expression "cures one…

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