A Career Path To Becoming A Pharmacist

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Choosing a career path to pursue by the end of high school is often a difficult and baffling decision for a student. Many are not yet certain where their academic strengths and weaknesses lie, or where they can potentially see themselves work in the future. Although a few of my own friends and family faced such dilemma, I am pleased to say that from early days of my educational years I knew that I excelled in the field of science and math, and when the time came to decide what career to pursue, becoming a pharmacist was a clear choice. Because of my personal drive and determination to succeed, my curiosity behind the formulation and use of medicine, as well as my compassion for interacting and helping customers, which I gained through employment …show more content…
They often know each other on first name basis, and I can tell that our clients have complete trust in our work and in the care we provide for them. People often say that the pharmacist is the last link between the doctor and the patient, but often times he is also the first. Customers come in on the daily basis asking for help in choosing a remedy for their health condition. The pharmacist is always willing to help out, at times choosing an item that’s sold over-the-counter to help relieve an ache, others by recommending to see a doctor if the condition is more severe. Whichever the case may be, the gratitude shown by the customer for such a simple request makes this career that much more rewarding. I myself have built a few close relationships over the past year, especially with the polish-speaking patients. Because I was raised in Poland I am fluent in the language and many times are required to translate between the pharmacist and the customers if they do not speak English very well. By providing this simple favor for them, the polish people have grown to seek me as their aid, and show their appreciation by thanking me and always returning if in need. Although I do not yet interact on a personal level with as many people as the pharmacist, I enjoy the new connections I make each day. Having a career where I can make a positive influence on someone else’s life would fulfill my personal needs, and by earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree I could make that dream a

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