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  • History Of Chicago Union Hospital

    When I walked into Advocate Illinois Masonic I was taken back by how massive the hospital was. I found the HIM department on the first floor and was greeted by Renee Rahimzadeh. Ms. Renee Rahimzadeh upon greeting me supplied me with my schedule for the duration of my time with Masonic. My nervousness at this time has subsided since Ms. Renee was so friendly and warm. I had my departmental tour with Ms. Rahimzadeh and she introduced me to the staff that was present at the time and at the end of the tour I was taken to Document Imaging to start my day. I spent all of my first day with Maria Marin in document imaging. Her duties were to assemble the health records and scan them into the system. Once the records are scanned the next process is to check for quality by making sure the scanned records are scanned into the system facing the right direction, no folds or tears. The next step is to validate the scanned record; this will include verifying if the record is scanned with all of its components and pages into the right place. It was a great experience scanning, however I could not picture doing this long term. At the end of my day I felt accomplished that I completed my first day of PPE commitment and was eager for the next…

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  • Chapter 17 Discusses Something Known As An Informational Report?

    maintenance, and site studies” of things observed in the field. Next are progress reports, which “describe ongoing projects,” and status reports, which describe the entire range of operations of a department, division, etc.” Finally, there are incident reports, which “describe events such as workplace accidents, health or safety emergencies, and/or equipment problems” (Markel, 2012). 3. Directives are documents that instruct others. The primary purpose of these is to explain how one desires…

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  • Discrimination In Eliza's Essay

    Civil Rights Act, one has to establish the prima facies elements which were set up in McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. Green, 411 U.S. 792, 93 S.Ct. 1817, 36 L.Ed.2d 668 (1973). These elements include: showing that one was part of a protected class, one performed their occupation in a satisfactory manner, one suffered an adverse action, and other members outside of their class were treated differently. Id. Based on the facts in this case, it is clear that this court should affirm Eliza’s claim…

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  • Essay On Elastography

    Elastography is a medical imaging modality that maps the elastic properties of soft tissue. The focus is whether the tissue is hard or soft and will give diagnostic information about the presence or status of a disease. It is concerned with providing images that are related to the stiffness of the tissue. This paper will discuss about elastography and the different types as well as, the principles and components involved with elastography. Peter R. Hoskins a Caucasian, male from United Kingdom…

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  • Gospel Of Thomas Gnosticism

    Discuss Thomas Gnosticism. What did it mean to be a Thomas Christian? How was that different from Johannine or Pauline Christianity ? Include a broad description of the Gospel of Thomas, the Book of Thomas the Contender, and the Acts of Thomas , pointing to their similarity and differences Gospel of Thomas According to class lecture notes on November 17th 2016 , The Gospel of Thomas can be set during the early part…

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  • Essay On Should The Security Of Our Nation Outweigh Individual Freedoms

    Should the security of our nation outweigh individual freedoms? America wants to use all of its resources to help fight the war on terror, and has all rights to do so. The security of our nation being a issue because our leaders want to keep america safe and free from foreign invasion. Because of the 9/11 attacks on american soil, we have taken all measures to prevent another incident from occurring by using simple, accessible powers the government has. The government wants to closely watch…

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  • How Did Jewish People Go Into Hiding

    Imagine living in a room the size of a closet, without your family , spending every day living in silence and in fear that you might be discovered. For many that was their life everyday while hiding but there were also many problems for both Jews in hiding as well as those who hid them. Many Jews were saved during the Holocaust because of non-Jews willing to risk their lives but Jew and non-Jews had many problems they faced during and after the war. The decision of going into hiding or…

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  • National Ids Arguments

    representatives and other government officials more promptly in finding out the status of the immigration of people. Obtaining and availing an authorized card at the borders could imply that the individual did not come into the nation or across the border unlawfully. “The national identification card has significant details about the individual, including weight, height, and eye color, among other components, which make it for a person to forge or get a counterfeit of the document (Berger)”. It…

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  • Synoptic Gospels Analysis

    NBST 515 DB Forum #2 Word Count 796 In the Synoptic Gospels there are astounding similarities in both framework and wording. Likewise, there are variations in the detailing, structure, and syntactical shifts. It is without question that the Synoptic Gospels embrace an interdependency both orally and written. In Synoptic Exercise 1, “the healing of the man with a withered hand”, the synoptic narratives’ outline and overall message deduce an identical outcome with a noticeable pattern which…

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  • The Gospel Of Luke Analysis

    The Broader Context: The Gospel of Luke In order to best understand how to properly interpret Luke 16:1-13, it is best to first read the passage in light of its surrounding context—the entire book of Luke. In his introduction, Luke clearly states his purpose in writing this gospel: “so that you may know the exact truth about the things you have been taught,” (Luke 1:4). This is Luke 's purpose statement, but what is the truth the Luke is trying to demonstrate? The main theme Luke wants to…

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