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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Real ID Act

    The 9/11 Commission proposed that the United States needed to improve its system for issuing secure identification documents” (DHS, Guidelines). In the Commission’s words, “At many entry points to vulnerable facilities, including gates for boarding aircraft, sources of identification are the last opportunity to ensure that people are who they say they are and to check…

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  • Rensselaer Farm Observation

    I have done many community services. Throughout the summer and I volunteered at a Cowtober on October 8, 2016, at Fair Oaks farm. I volunteered at the food pantry in Rensselaer and donated books to the Saint Joseph’s College library. The experience as a volunteer gave me the greatest gift. The joy of giving others and making their lives better. One of my absolute favorite lectures of all four years of Saint Joe was Maia Hawthorne’s lecture of the Declaration of Human Rights. I was amazed by this…

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  • Tom Chiarella Twenty Dollar Essay

    If placing a dollar in a bouncer’s hand could get a better seat at a concert, the spare change wouldn’t be very hard to part with, would it? Unless the individual were extremely thirsty and needed that dollar to buy a drink, it most likely wouldn’t happen either. Using a larger bill, such as a twenty, would give a real shot of making that wish come true; which is exactly what Tom Chiarella explained throughout his article “The $20 Theory of the Universe.” As a man who considers himself as a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Texas Picture Identification Law

    What is the Texas’ Picture ID Law? The Texas’ Picture ID Law is to propose a legal measure to prevent illegal voting. There are several different forms of identification. According to Vote Texas, Texans can used their “driver license, election identification certificate, personal identification card, license to carry a handgun, military identification card containing the person’s photo, citizenship certificate with photo, and United States passport”. If someone does not have a photo…

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  • Matthew And Luke: The Parables In The Book Of Jesus

    During his time of popular ministry, Jesus traveled throughout Israel, and as he traveled he taught. His teachings were recorded by his disciples and are comprised for modern readers in the New Testament, specifically the synoptic Gospels. In general, the parables teaching about the coming kingdom of God, and are fictional stories used to answer questions either asked by one of the disciples, scribes and Pharisees, and in come cases just a member of the crowd. Many of the parables overlap appear…

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  • Beatitude Research Paper

    The definition of a beatitude according to Merriam Webster is to “be in a state of utmost bliss.” Many would compare it being extremely happy with a feeling of great joy, recognizing what it feels like to be blessed. The message or the Sermon On The Mount is a message for Jesus’ disciples to spread to the world and provide the foundations for love, how to get along with each other, and at the same time, act in accordance of being a Christian – Being In God’s Image. The Eight Beatitudes does not…

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  • Four Roles Of Nurse Practitioners

    Advanced practice nursing (APN) reflects the combination of graduate education and nursing. Within advanced practice nursing, Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have become one of the four major roles for nurses. Throughout history, NPs have been and are called to serve by gathering patient histories, performing physical exams, ordering procedures, diagnosing, treating, and managing disease, and prescribing medications and making referrals. In correlation to the servitude of NPs, Jesus taught us how to…

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  • The Sermon On The Mount In Matthew Vs. Matthew

    The Sermon on the Mount is from Matthew chapters five thru seven. It describes how we should live our life in faith. How we should think, how we should speak and the actions we should take in our everyday lives. In this paper I will describe the differences between the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew versus Luke. As well as, the four main purposes the Sermon on the Mount as portrayed in the Gospel of Matthew. It was meant to; expose the people to their sin, guide the followers to Jesus,…

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  • Avarice In The Bible

    Merriam-Webster defines avarice as “excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain” (Avarice, n.d.). While that definition is fairly straight forward, a few synonyms including greed, covetousness, and cupidity provide a vivid picture of why this word has rightfully earned its place among the seven capital vices. It is noteworthy to mention a few near antonyms of avarice, for instance, are charity, generosity, and selflessness. This presentation will first look at how avarice is defined in…

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  • Essay On The 30 Arpents In Toni Morrison's Tar Baby

    30 arpents “When he looked at the house – one of a dozen scattered over the emerald hill – and discovered that the 30 arpents he’d remembered from his childhood belonged, like the emerald hills, to the Frenchman who lived in Guadeloupe and that except for the kitchen garden and the village garden on the riverbank there was no land to care for, only this laughing, lying crone with a craving for apples, he wasn’t even angry. -Tar Baby, page 108-109 After returning to Isle des Chevaliers after…

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