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  • Gospel Of Thomas Gnosticism

    Discuss Thomas Gnosticism. What did it mean to be a Thomas Christian? How was that different from Johannine or Pauline Christianity ? Include a broad description of the Gospel of Thomas, the Book of Thomas the Contender, and the Acts of Thomas , pointing to their similarity and differences Gospel of Thomas According to class lecture notes on November 17th 2016 , The Gospel of Thomas can be set during the early part…

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  • Essay On Should The Security Of Our Nation Outweigh Individual Freedoms

    Should the security of our nation outweigh individual freedoms? America wants to use all of its resources to help fight the war on terror, and has all rights to do so. The security of our nation being a issue because our leaders want to keep america safe and free from foreign invasion. Because of the 9/11 attacks on american soil, we have taken all measures to prevent another incident from occurring by using simple, accessible powers the government has. The government wants to closely watch…

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  • How Did Jewish People Go Into Hiding

    Imagine living in a room the size of a closet, without your family , spending every day living in silence and in fear that you might be discovered. For many that was their life everyday while hiding but there were also many problems for both Jews in hiding as well as those who hid them. Many Jews were saved during the Holocaust because of non-Jews willing to risk their lives but Jew and non-Jews had many problems they faced during and after the war. The decision of going into hiding or…

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  • National Ids Arguments

    nation or across the border unlawfully. “The national identification card has significant details about the individual, including weight, height, and eye color, among other components, which make it for a person to forge or get a counterfeit of the document (Berger)”. It can, therefore, be argued that the national IDs contribute to the control of the number of immigrants in the nation for a specific length of time. Again, the national identification cards are uniform and hard to falsify or…

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  • Archives Chapter 2 Summary

    Archives broke down the definition of archives in five examples of archives. The five examples are documents, records, archives, historical records, historical manuscripts. With these example can be found in institution that are called archives libraries, record center, historical libraries and etc. Documents can be textual, graphic, photographic, and even audio and video. The important documents are to demonstrates by the way of people that seek to invent or to improve reading technology.…

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  • Beatitudes: How To Live A Purpose Driven Life

    God may have placed people here on this earth intending for them to live according to his will and his way, and to fulfill a purpose. However, it appears that many people today are failing to live a purpose driven life. Sadly, they’re not living their life with God in mind at all, possibly because they don’t know how, because they don’t believe in God or because they feel they have plenty of time for salvation. Thankfully, for those who have the desire to live a life that is pleasing to God,…

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  • The Two-Document Theory: Mark Is The Earliest Gospel

    There is an acknowledgement of the lost document given the name “Q”an abbreviation for the German word Quelle meaning “source”. The existence of “Q” was suggested because of the similarity of materials in Matthew and Luke not found in Mark. (Lea and Black,The New Testament Its Background and message 2003:121) Markan priority is most popular because it seems to coincide with statements by the earlier church fathers unanimously asserting that Matthews predated both Mark and Luke. (Lea and…

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  • Book Of Matthew By Mark: Analysis

    Once upon a time there was a man named Frank, he had a best friends named Joe. Joe always told Frank that they were best friends forever. One day Frank finds out that Joe had a birthday party, but didn’t invite Frank. Frank doesn’t want to be friends with Joe anymore because he was being insincere about their friendship. In the same way God wants us to be sincere about our relationship with him. In Matthew 12:22-37 Matthew warns Christians against being insincere in Christianity. Christians are…

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  • Jesus Manifesto For The Poor

    As discussed in the previous section, the concept of poor in the Lukan writing is not entirely, or even primarily, about the economically deprived, but all those who lived in an inferior status within the Jewish society. The focal point of the Gospel is the treatment of these categories of people that Luke considers to be ‘the poor’. The Gospel doesn’t only focus on the poor being inheritors of the message, but also the message of how the poor ought to be treated by those of power. This leads…

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  • The Importance Of Military ID Cards

    can put other soldiers, contractors, and military families in danger. Along with putting them at risk, the fact of government property at risk of thief and/or vandalism can distort ones basic position in the military. There are also very important documents and equipment that if fallen into the wrong hands can be problematic to the government. Accountability is very important and crucial for success in the army. But in the military we utilize specific kinds of identification cards. These cards…

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