National Ids Arguments

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Argument for National ID’s
A national identification card can be applied to confirm a person’s identity. While it is argued that its primary purpose is to identify an individual, the national identification cards can also be used for the security and Medical purposes in a variety of sectors in the country, including, transportation, business, and education fields. “The supporters of a national identification card argue that it could assist in preventing terrorists while getting hold of the organizers before they cause harm. The government should implement national ID card system in America, this Card will have major change to three main areas, Immigration, Security, and Medical.
Opposing views that the national ID card will Cause Discrimination
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The national identification cards assist the border representatives and other government officials more promptly in finding out the status of the immigration of people. Obtaining and availing an authorized card at the borders could imply that the individual did not come into the nation or across the border unlawfully. “The national identification card has significant details about the individual, including weight, height, and eye color, among other components, which make it for a person to forge or get a counterfeit of the document (Berger)”. It can, therefore, be argued that the national IDs contribute to the control of the number of immigrants in the nation for a specific length of time. Again, the national identification cards are uniform and hard to falsify or this respect, the national ID cards will help minimize the possibility that a person could, deliberately or not, slip between the cracks of many governments. “The anxiety of an invasive bureaucracy can be handled by formulating the measures for any officer who requests to see the documents (Campisi)”. The presence of a national identification card should not alter the policies about when the cards can appropriately be needed. It is a reality that the national identification cards can speed up the deportation of illegal immigrants. Simultaneously, a national ID card can benefit the legal immigrants when they prove their status to the state …show more content…
The cards make it possible to associate massive amounts of information with an individual. For instance, an ID card carries details, such as the health threats that the person holds. “The card can be screened and looked for on a database when the person has a health emergency and quickly must seek medical attention in the hospital (Ashbourn)”. If it is hard to identify the patient, including when the client is unconscious or severely injured, the only way that the patient can be known is via the national identification cards.
In conclusion, the arguments for the national IDs can be based upon the benefits they bring to the sectors of the nation, including the hospitals, education, security, and immigration. It has been determined that the use of the national identification cards is beneficial for the entire nation because they help improve the national security and safety, controlling the illegal immigration, identification of individuals in the workplace and healthcare facilities, and reducing the level of illegal

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