How Did Jewish People Go Into Hiding

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Imagine living in a room the size of a closet, without your family , spending every day living in silence and in fear that you might be discovered. For many that was their life everyday while hiding but there were also many problems for both Jews in hiding as well as those who hid them. Many Jews were saved during the Holocaust because of non-Jews willing to risk their lives but Jew and non-Jews had many problems they faced during and after the war.

The decision of going into hiding or sending their children into hiding was a very hard decision and it was very hard to find somewhere to hide. It was very hard to go into hiding because the Jews had identity cards and black J on their clothes. Children under age six did not this identity card so it was easier for younger children to go into hiding. Another problem was that for children who went into hiding their hiders would ask money for their time and extra supplies they would need,which many families couldn't afford. Most of the time parents decided not to go into hiding at all so they could stay together even with the threat of
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One is physical,and the other is identity hiding. Most Jews went into physical hiding since it was easier than identity hiding. One challenge was finding a place to hide and a willing family to take them in. Some would offer them to stay for free but others would ask a price. When you have found a place to hide it had to remain a secret. Many were not told where it was until they got there. Those who went into hiding were usually children because it was easier to hide them, but sometimes the whole family hid (Rosenberg). For the Jews it was much easier and safer to hide children rather than hiding the whole family. It is much easier and safer for many reasons one is that children are smaller and easier to hide than the whole family.Also a small child would require less supplies and it would be less stress on the people hiding

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