History Of Chicago Union Hospital

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Advocate Illinois Masonic has a rich history in how it became the hospital it is today. Before it was called Illinois Masonic, it was Chicago Union Hospital. The Union Hospital was organized during the time of rebuilding post the great Chicago fire in 1901. Belden Avenue Baptist Church Steadfast Sunday School organized the union hospital. Amongst the board members of the hospital were some Masons who formed an association for the purpose of providing free medical and surgical treatment for master masons, members of the Eastern Star, and members of their families. In 1921 the Illinois Masonic Hospital Association purchased Chicago Union Hospital.
Advocate Illinois Masonic is a 408 bed Level I trauma center teaching hospital. Although the hospital
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When I walked into Advocate Illinois Masonic I was taken back by how massive the hospital was. I found the HIM department on the first floor and was greeted by Renee Rahimzadeh. Ms. Renee Rahimzadeh upon greeting me supplied me with my schedule for the duration of my time with Masonic. My nervousness at this time has subsided since Ms. Renee was so friendly and warm. I had my departmental tour with Ms. Rahimzadeh and she introduced me to the staff that was present at the time and at the end of the tour I was taken to Document Imaging to start my day. I spent all of my first day with Maria Marin in document imaging. Her duties were to assemble the health records and scan them into the system. Once the records are scanned the next process is to check for quality by making sure the scanned records are scanned into the system facing the right direction, no folds or tears. The next step is to validate the scanned record; this will include verifying if the record is scanned with all of its components and pages into the right place. It was a great experience scanning, however I could not picture doing this long term. At the end of my day I felt accomplished that I completed my first day of PPE commitment and was eager for the next …show more content…
In some instances they come down there to find out why they were suspended. He spent most of his time showing me how a physician can be put on suspension and how to deal with them once they find out. He works with the doctors most of the time to resolve the suspension issue. One way he is able to help is by assigning most of the deficiency components to their residents for completion other than signatures. I have heard stories of how bad an encounter can go with an angry physician but Luis reassured me that it depends on you and how you choose to handle it. Our reaction to a hostile person will make a difference in what their next reaction will be. “You can decide to ignite the fire or put it out”, I am a strong believer in this philosophy. Luis had a lot of work waiting for him so he raped things up and took me to the coding area to introduce me to the coder I will be

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