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  • History Of Chicago Union Hospital

    In some instances they come down there to find out why they were suspended. He spent most of his time showing me how a physician can be put on suspension and how to deal with them once they find out. He works with the doctors most of the time to resolve the suspension issue. One way he is able to help is by assigning most of the deficiency components to their residents for completion other than signatures. I have heard stories of how bad an encounter can go with an angry physician but Luis reassured me that it depends on you and how you choose to handle it. Our reaction to a hostile person will make a difference in what their next reaction will be. “You can decide to ignite the fire or put it out”, I am a strong believer in this philosophy. Luis had a lot of work waiting for him so he raped things up and took me to the coding area to introduce me to the coder I will be…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Am Jose Luis Ortiz-Vega

    I’m Jose Luis Ortiz-Vega and I was born and raised in San Jose, California. My parents on the other hand were born in Mexico. My mom was born in Guadalajara and my dad in Tonala. They both came over to the United States at a young age because they wanted to find what they call the “American Dream.” Soon they had six kids which I was one of them. From the start I never really liked school at all. I mean from what I can recall, I would always hide in the slide at PreSchool and tried to stay hidden…

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  • Mexican Music

    Traditional Grupera music is dominated by groups such as Yonics, La Migra, Limite, Los Temerarios and Jenni Rivera. The most popular Mexican pop stars consists of Thalia, Linda Thomas, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Fernandez, and Gloria Trevi. Some Mexican rockers are Los Freddys, Los Babys, La Migra, and Los Muecas. In Mexico there is Modern Mexican alternative performers which are Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio, Cafe Tacuba, and Nortec Collective. Fans of bolero will enjoy listening to…

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  • Mexican Culture Essay

    The Renovation of a Damaged People: Mexico’s Post-Revolution Cultural Recovery Throughout history, music, art, and literature have held key roles in dealing with and responding to current political events. This type of culture has been used for good and evil - spreading truth that inspires the masses to make a change, or propaganda in order for a government to cultivate certain ideas within its citizens. By looking at the content of artistic expression during any given time and in any given…

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  • Themes In 'My Father In The Navy' By Robert Hayden

    Parent child relationship is very sensitive. The theme of the two poems “My Father in the Navy: A Childhood Memory” by Judith Ortiz Cofer and “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden shows the ‘Father’ plays an important role in the upbringing of child and sacrifices his days and nights in hard labors or services in order to provide the needs of his beloved children. Similarly a child returns a father’s love and care by showing his/her admiration and affection. . “Those Winter Sundays” is a…

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  • Examples Of A Peaceful Woman Explain Why She Carries A Gun

    against the hospital walls: grey-red, get-red.” This line paints a picture in the readers mind of the hospital and its mechanics. Baca also uses breathtaking figurative language, such as “Each word steamed with the hot lava juices of my primordial making, and I crawled out of stanzas dripping with birth-blood, reborn and freed from the chaos of my life” and “His shrill screams raked my nerves like a hacksaw on bone…” All of thes ar examples of ways that the author drew the reader in by giving…

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  • Mena Cofer's 'Lessons Of Love And The Skating Party'

    The short stories “Lessons of Love” by Judith Ortiz Cofer and “The Skating Party” by Mena Summers emphasize the illusions of love and how it affects the main characters, of whom are impeded by their feelings in such a way that prevents them from understanding and processing the situation as they would have in any other circumstance. Both are blind to the egotistical agendas of their love interest until the conclusion, and regardless of such neither character regrets the situation or outcome.…

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  • What Is The Volar And A Pair Of Tickets Short Story

    Facing Problem In the short story “Volar" written by Judith Ortiz Cofer and “A Pair of Ticket” written by Amy Tan share a lot of similar literacy device in the story especially the used of symbol and setting. Both story used of plot might be different but we can see many similar things in the story where the author used symbol and Setting to portray most of the story and used dialogue to back it up so that the reader can understand what is going on in the story. In this world,…

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  • The Voyage By Katherine Mansfield Analysis

    This is a quotation taken from Katherine Mansfield’s short story ‘’The Voyage’’. The story is about a young girl called Fenella, after the death of her mother she went with her grandmother to move in her Grandparent’s house in Picton, which is inspired from Mansfield’s personal life when she had to move out from her home in Wellington, New Zealand to London, England. Mansfield uses imageries, metaphors, and the setting to convey the two main ideas of darkness and light and the transformation of…

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  • 'Grandmother's Victory: Remembrance Of A Puerto Rican Childhood'

    Guidance Growing up with the Latino culture, my mother would tell me stories so that I would behave. The first story that comes to mind is of “El Cucuy” a creature that would kidnap kids who misbehaved. Just how my mother used stories to keep me and my siblings in line, the author 's parents/guardians from “Silk Parachute”, “Grandmother 's Victory” by Maya Angelou, “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, and “Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood” by Judith Ortiz Cofer had their own methods to raise…

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