Lung volumes

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  • Biological Lung Volume Reduction Case Study

    acute dynamic lung hyperinflation, dyspnea is increasingly implicated as the primary symptom causes exercise limitation and skeletal muscle deconditioning as a result of avoidance activity. Hyperinflation, refers to an increase in lung volume above the resting volume due to air trapping, is the crucial consequence of mechanical restriction of this…

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  • Case Study Of Two Ping-Pong Balls

    For our first model we choose to make four rectangular prisms, and one cube to make a pair of glasses for the two Ping-Pong ball model. We choose these shapes because, we both knew how to find the surface area and volume of them to the point where it wasn’t easy, but it was not super difficult. We felt safe using these shapes. When put together they also can be taped together perfectly to resemble a pair of glasses. We thought that this would be a great model to make because, for one thing my…

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  • Factual Analysis Experiment

    of wood and measured all of its dimensions. Using these values we were to find the area, volume, and density of the block of wood. We also calculated the maximum area, volume, and density using the uncertainty values that we were…

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  • Density Of Soda Experiment

    Introduction: Introduction and Theory: The lab conducted was to investigate the density of not only copper but also diet and non-diet soda. Techniques used in the experiment included water-displacement, measuring copper’s dimensions, and using volumetric pipettes to measure out specific soda volumes. Beginning Question(s): How does the use of two experimental methods, improve the chances of calculating the density of copper? How does the density of non-diet soda compare to that of diet soda…

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  • Lab Report: Moolar Volume Of A Gas At STP

    Report: Molar Volume of a Gas at STP Abstract: The purpose of this experiment is to find out how to experimentally determine what the volume of a mole of H₂(g) is at STP by using gas laws. The hypothesis for the experiment is that if H₂(g) is produced at RT and STP, Avogadro’s law can be used to experimentally determine the amount of H₂(g) because equal gases at the same pressure and temperature have the same amount of particles. In order to find the molar volume, hydrogen gas was…

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  • Density Experiment

    20, 2016 Erin Whitehouse The first part of the experiment consisted of finding the accuracy and precision of three different measuring devices, a 50mL beaker, a 25mL graduated cylinder and a 25mL pipette. The mean volumes and uncertainties were found to be 22.5mL 1.9, 23.72 .25, and 24.89 .43, respectfully. The 25mL pipette was found to be the most accurate out of the three. The density of water was found to be 0.9979 g/cc with a percent error of .08, while the known density of water being…

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  • Affecting The Density Of Sugar In A Copper And Diet Coke

    Unlike the first half of this lab, only one method of measurement is used for calculating the density, volumetric pipets. The volumetric pipets are “more precise than a graduated cylinder,” (Exton 3) and should produce a more precise result. In order to determine if the volumetric pipets were accurate, the same volume of liquid is measured three separate times. The actual density of the regular coke was 1.042 g/mL and the density of the diet coke was .997 g/mL (Density 2). The average density of…

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  • Density Lab

    Objective- Our goal for this lab was to calculate the Density of a substance. We needed to make sure we had the materials to find mass and volume and then use a formula to calculate density. Introduction- The main principle of this experiment was to figure out the Density of certain objectives given to us in the lab. We had to know the the formula D-M/V in order to find the density of that object.We also needed to know the density of water(1.0 g/l) in order to predict if something would float…

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  • Fedex Business Analysis

    FedEx has experienced steady growth in holiday volumes since 2007. They forecasted another record holiday in 2015. FedEx expected they would move more than 290 million packages during Black Friday and Christmas Eve, which resulted in a 9 percent increase in overall year-over-year seasonal volume. FedEx also forecasted the busiest day in company history was December 15, 2015 with a forecasted 22.6 million shipments moving around the world. Their peak projections included FedEx earnings…

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  • Volumetric Glassware Lab

    the density of water and (unknown) liquid D were weighed, inside of a volumetric flask. Once the mass was determined in grams, the density was easy to determine, by using the density equation. The second portion of this experiment was to calibrate a 10mL pipette. Once the density was determined for this section, the pipette volume could then be determined, regarding the amount. The data that was recorded in my lab notebook, from these five trials could determine the pipets calibration. I…

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