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  • How Did Hitler Invade Germany

    Master Race and should rule over the World. He systematically removed all political opposition to his Nazi Party and began massive public works to rebuild Germany’s infrastructure and Military might. On March 16th, 1935 Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles by introducing Military Conscription. March 7th, 1936 German Troops occupy the Rhineland in Western German. November 5th, 1937 Hitler reveals his war plans during Hossbach Conference. October 15th, 1938 Germany occupies Sudetenland (Czech Republic). March 16th, 1939 Germany takes Czechoslovakia. September 1st, 1939 Nazis invade Poland. November 30th, 1939 German attacks Finland. April 9th, 1940 Germany invade Denmark and Norway. May 10th, 1940 German invades France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. By the Beginning of 1943 Germany has occupied most of Europe, North Africa, and pushed into Russia. Throughout 1943 the Allies started pushing back retaking Africa, Italy, and the…

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  • Christian Democracy: The Similarities Between Luxembourg And Sweden

    Introduction Luxembourg and Sweden are oft-overlooked countries in Europe. Each one has its own special charm, and something that truly defines its people. When one thinks of Luxembourg, the country’s wealth often comes to mind. With Sweden, the pop group ABBA jumps out. Regardless, something that binds these two countries together is the structure of their governments. They share very similar characteristics across their democratic institutions, which makes any difference significantly…

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  • Kendrick Lamar Poetic Devices

    Secondly, another poetic device that Kendrick Lamar uses in his song is irony. Irony is when an event occurs in which is unexpected in the sense that it is somehow in mocking opposition in what would be expected or appropriate. When Kendrick Lamar uses irony, it is in a very serious and thought provoking way. For example, in line 63 the speaker says, “Cause you tried to change your life and now you live in a wheelchair.” This line is ironic because it talks about how someone tried to change…

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  • The Three Causes Of The Empty Chair Crisis

    Abstract The European Union of today is the result of a process that began over half a century ago with the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community. From that time, a durable peace has existed in the European continent for about 70 years. As we can see from the remarkable successes of the process of European integration today is significantly affected by the legislative procedures that apply to different policy fields. In fact, there were some thorny issues and crises took place with…

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  • Charles De Gaulle Analysis

    Charles de Gaulle had very different views of what the EEC should be than the other five leaders. This became blatantly apparent in 1965 when the funding for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), came up for renewal. There was a push for the Community to gather their own resources and to implement more Qualified Majority Voting (QMV). This led to de Gaulle and the Gaullists to clash with the commission and other heads of state. This disagreement led to what is known as the Empty Chair Crisis and…

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  • Small Power In International Politics

    Luxembourg has the highest gross domestic product amongst all of the countries a part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. This small country has also shown the ability to set aside its own interests in the European Union for the interests most common amongst the group and to spend more than “0.7 GNI on development cooperation.” If size and power were strictly based off of these characteristics, Luxembourg, along with many other small nations who fall under these…

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  • Convention Against Torture

    “effective legislative, administrative, judicial, or other measures to prevent acts of torture in any territory under jurisdiction.” Quiggs conducted an examination on how Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Iceland, and Luxembourg particularly responded to the recommendations from the Committee Against Torture. McQuigg shows levels of progress by comparing concluding observations to the committee’s current considerations ranging from the years 2000-2008. In…

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  • Pestle Swot Analysis

    directly aimed at the external macro environmental factors that might be affecting the position of your business, the reason behind growth or decline in the market and also identify new directions for the business as a whole” (SWOT analysis vs PEST analysis and when to use them, 2012). PESTLE is commonly used for larger corporations but does not mean it can’t be used with smaller organizations. Organizations will find a majority of the external data is out of their control but gives a snapshot…

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  • Paris In Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast

    clearly all the observations, thoughts, and first encounters of people he has met over the years in which he is trying to find himself as a writer rather than it being a true autobiography. Hemingway writes more than a scenic book, it is more than his journal of Paris. There is a slight undertone of the book in which he is finding himself in Paris. Rather than describing his walks through the Luxembourg gardens in the winter, he writes them…

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  • Proxemics Theory Of Personal Space

    are a mix of two of the main culture types; however, they tend to dominate one type more than the other. The Lewis Model is able to displays this information visually and shows example of countries from each type of culture. (“Negotiating Across Cultures”, Richard Lewis Communication) The difference in greeting customs can also be evaluated by the Lewis Model. According to the Lewis model, linear active cultures have limited body language. Some countries that are linear- active are Germany,…

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