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  • Mt Pinatubo Case Study

    According to Emmanuel de Guzman, a consultant from the Philippines for the Asian Disaster Reduction Center, officials dealt with six major concerns following the eruption: resettlement, livelihood, social services, infrastructure, land use and environment management, and science and technology. These six concerns required both immediate and long-term response (de Guzman 11). In 1997, as part of dealing with new technologies to combat threat of a future lahars and flash floods, the Department of Public Works and Highways implemented, monitored, and improved disaster and lahar mitigation activities, as well as engineering intervention works, to ensure better preparation in the future. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo shaped disaster preparation technology, leaving the Philippines better prepared for a future disaster in wake of the massive destruction wrought by the eruption and its aftermath. In addition, the government was concerned with developing alternative industrial or commercial uses of ash fall. The aftermath of the eruption left thousands of miles of land destroyed and unsuitable for agriculture, stripping farmers and workers of their jobs, and hundred more workers were displaced following the evacuation and closure of Clark Air Base near Mount Pinatubo. Because of this massive displacement and unemployment, the Philippine government needed to find ways to provide immediate and long-term livelihood and employment opportunities (de Guzman 11). The destruction of farmland…

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  • History Of Metro Manila

    Metro Manila is also known, as Metropolitan Manila is the national capital region of the Philippine. Metro Manila is an area where many tourists visit with their Mall of Asia and other tourist attraction. Metro Manila is the largest urban city in the Philippines with Americanize materials. In the Metro Manila filmed by Sean Ellis, it touched base on a poor man named Oscar Ramirez and his family who struggle to make a living in Banaue Province, Philippines and moved to Manila for a better life…

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  • Negros Occidental Case Study

    Introduction Negros Occidental is a province of the Philippines located in the Negros Island Region. Its capital is Bacolod City and it occupies the northwestern half of Negros Island; Negros Oriental is at the southeastern half. Victorias City is the fourth class city of Negros Occidental. It is known as the "Sugarbowl of the Philippines", Negros Occidental produces more than half the nation's sugar output. It is notable for being the site of Victorias Milling Company, sitting on a 7,000…

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  • Unconventional Warfare Military Analysis

    many U.S. officers, focused solely on conventional tactics and operations. Volckmann spent much of his free time trying to understand the environment, culture, and populace within the Philippines. His desire to learn about the indigenous environment and understanding of infantry strategies provided a natural ability to transition from a conventional conflict to irregular warfare. In 1942, as the USAFFE and its U.S. partners surrendered to Japanese forces, Captain Volckmann and a handful of…

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  • Film Tourism Case Study

    support and collaboration, tourism remains to struggle on its own, left to the mercy of individual campaigns and efforts to attract tourists. 1.5 Significance of the Study The significance of this study is to promote tourism destinations in the Philippines without compromising the ability of future generations. Films are one of the most important motivators for the local public and private organizations to activate demand for their locations perceived to be a kind of tourism product after…

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  • The Phhonological Characteristics Of The Kapampangan Language

    As seen in Ethnologue (2015), the population of Kapampangan speakers are close to two million. But this number was only based in a 1990 census and no other census has been made by Ethnologue since then. Because of this, the number of Kapampangan speakers may have increased or dwindled in the last twenty years. According to Pangilinan (2013, 1), “Kapampangan is an Austronesian language spoken in Indung Kapampangan, the Kapampangan homeland, located in the northern island of Luzon in the…

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  • Capampangan Case Study

    photographs through their mobile smartphones. Being compact and handy with some useful features like a personal computer people prefer to have a smartphone to be used daily. People having hard time carrying books like dictionaries for example because it uses too much space, mobile smartphones has an application wherein its features are alike with traditional dictionaries but more advance and easy to use. Today people in Central Luzon specially the youth don’t know how to speak and understand…

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  • The Pearl Man Vs Man

    As many people grow up and age or have major events happen in their life they begin to grow up or mature. This has people develop a respect for certain things or a sense of dignity for themselves. It helps them make better choices in life. Scott O’Dell uses man versus self as a form of conflict in his novel, The Black Pearl, to show how Ramon starts to grow through realizations in his life and how others act to him and how others react around him. This establishes a sense of growing up and…

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  • Mt Pinatubo Essay

    Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines: Impacts and Human Actions The stratovolcano Mount Pinatubo began showing signs of erupting on the 15th of July 1991. Through a series of events Mt. Pinatubo erupted and effected the surrounding areas. Throughout this paper will be discussed the impacts, including primary and secondary, along with impacts changed by humans. Mount Pinatubo eruption was the second largest eruption in the 20th century, making it have many impacts not only locally but globally. Mount…

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  • Importance Of Filipinoism In The Philippines

    However, due to effective fights of Muslims and Igorots to Christianity, Spain quite failed in fulfilling its objective. King Philip II ordered a bloodless pacification in the Philippines. The Philippines Under Spanish Regime The church and state were link accordingly in Spanish policy, with the state taking the responsibilities for religious organizations. As stated earlier, one of the Spain’s mission is to expand the Catholicism in the Philippines. This was done due to the absence of other…

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