History Of Metro Manila

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Metro Manila is also known, as Metropolitan Manila is the national capital region of the Philippine. Metro Manila is an area where many tourists visit with their Mall of Asia and other tourist attraction. Metro Manila is the largest urban city in the Philippines with Americanize materials. In the Metro Manila filmed by Sean Ellis, it touched base on a poor man named Oscar Ramirez and his family who struggle to make a living in Banaue Province, Philippines and moved to Manila for a better life for him and his family. Oscar Ramirez was a hard working farmer who tried his best to help his family to survive. Despite being poor, he tried his best to help his family and moved to Manila for a better life for his family. During Oscar’s travel to Manila, …show more content…
Mai struggled to find a job and to protect her daughters. Mai found a job from a neighbor who told her to see Charlie, who was a manager at a nightclub. However, the job description was an inappropriate environment for Mai to her children while she worked. However, Mai accepted the job offer as a dancer since her family is struggling with money, food and shelter. Her job description was to expose her body and make sure the customer leaves the bar happy. When Oscar died JJ, whom was Oscar’s new partner left Mai Oscar’s belonging that he had during work. In that package of belonging were a necklace and a wallet. In that necklace locket, it contented a copy mark of the key for the safe-box. Mai took the copy mark and made a duplicate key, so she could open the safe-box filled with money and leave Manila with her two children. The sociocultural outcome touch based on how people today who lives in a province town still struggles to survive in a high-tech economy. The only way to survive living in a high-tech community is to work in the city where there are more job opportunities. For example, the Big Island has fewer job opportunities than in Oahu. Oahu represents as Manila since majorly tourists visit and workers earn more money by the high-tech environment atmosphere. The Big Island represents any province town where there fewer job opportunities and the only way to get a job is either by connections or you move out of the Big

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