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  • Analysis Of The Show Goes On By Lupe Fiasco

    world. Chicago artist, Lupe Fiasco, is indeed one of those artists. In many of his songs he digs deeper into the problems that everyday people struggle with and offers hope to the world. In “The Show Goes On,” Lupe Fiasco uses upbeat music and powerful words to portray his belief that no one should ever give up on their dreams in life and that no one should ever let anyone else get in the way of their dreams and success. When listening to “The show goes on”, the song instantly comes off with an upbeat and happy tone, but once you dig deeper and look at each lyric it becomes clear that…

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  • Compare And Contrast Rap And Country Music

    stereotypical gangster, violence-inducing, hoodlum mentalities of Rap has similarities beyond the public eye. The unsuspected truth is that both genres of music are highly alike in their messages through their music, tonality, and in their international influences. Rap and hip hop music tells stories. Country music tell stories. Although they may come from completely different events and experiences, they both seem to relay the same messages. When it comes to Country songs like, “It’s a Great…

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  • Rap Music Influence On Society

    the sake of success. That 's what the music business does to you. That 's what capitalism does to you.” By Lupe Fiasco. Lupe criticize the role of capital system we live in today. People just want to get famous and be rich, and think that’s happiness. People criticize Lupe for been different, the world don’t want to here the truth. Lupe said, “The world we see now is full of lies,” people go what every way pop…

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  • Lup Fiasco Analysis

    Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (Lupe Fiasco) and Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. are one of the best influential hip moguls of our generation. Both artists are from Chicago, Illinois and share similar back-stories in their lives, which was able to propel them from the stereotypical rappers that only talk about drugs money and sex. Common who made his debut in the 90’s talks about keeping Hip Hop from falling into the loop that mainstream rapping is turning into and with that his song “Dooinit” Which talks about a…

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  • Rap Music Research Paper

    Songs from when he was a teenager such as Lupe Fiasco’s “Dumb it Down” led him to really take a good luck at how people who share aspects of his identity, namely black people, can be looked down upon in aspects of society even as important as music. He realized after taking the time to understand the song that he could vent his own frustrations just like Lupe Fiasco does, in an eloquent and clever…

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  • Hell On Earth Analysis

    We are finally showing honest signs of state attention with impressive funding to repairs, the ongoing mural art grants that have completely revived business accursed streets like Belmont Ave, a burst of “affordable housing” construction foreshadowing a new population soon to experience it all, and even an emergence of entrepreneurial opportunities courtesy of Lupe Fiasco as well as Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams with The Campus. Although crime still exemplifies exactly what Brownsville…

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  • Dominican Family Vacation

    This past summer I went to the Dominican Republic for a family vacation for two and a half weeks. As we explored different parts of the island, we decided to stay in this beautiful mountain called “Lomas Linda.” Lomas Linda is known for its unique mountains, diversity in mountain and flowers. While we were in the mountains I felt the cool wind. We went on long drives that led us to a natural river, and we went to one of the biggest orchid collections in the world. The Dominican Republic is known…

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  • Essay About Finding Identity

    Finding your own identity is something everyone does in their life. At times it can be complex and stressful trying to figure out who you really are but at the end it can be really satisfying to see the outcome. The process of finding yourself can be a pleasurable one or an ungraceful one. It can be quick or take years to unravel and the journey to finding that answer can be filled with an abundance of obstacles but overcoming them will get you one step close. I went through these things myself,…

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  • Niagra Falls Descriptive Writing

    THE FALLS I followed closely making sure to not let my mom’s shirt out of my sight.Many other people rushed by crowding the sidewalk.We were in Canada and I could barely tell who was and wasn’t american!We walked up to a gray dim booth.’’5 tickets for the boat tour please’’ my mom said her credit card in her hand.A lady took the card and handed it back a seconds later with 5 tickets.I could hardly wait we were gonna see Niagra Falls! It was chilly and the breeze was blowing.I walked…

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  • Short Story Of Alyssa's Mistake

    This is a story about Alyssa, the misunderstood, outspoken, and stinky skunk. Along with her best friend Charlie a caring, understanding, and friendly fox. Also their bully, Archie the rat. Our story begins in the playground of Battlefield Elementary in the year 2009. It was always hard in school for Alyssa and Charlie. They only had each other in this big animal outside world, but one strange day , Archie and the other cool kids had started to walk up to them as they swung back and forth on the…

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