Dominican Family Vacation

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This past summer I went to the Dominican Republic for a family vacation for two and a half weeks. As we explored different parts of the island, we decided to stay in this beautiful mountain called “Lomas Linda.” Lomas Linda is known for its unique mountains, diversity in mountain and flowers. While we were in the mountains I felt the cool wind. We went on long drives that led us to a natural river, and we went to one of the biggest orchid collections in the world.
The Dominican Republic is known for having beautiful mountains. My family and I decided to make our trip unforgettable by going to the mountains. When we arrived I can just feel the wind on my face. Surrounded by pine, and oak trees, purples, green, and pink flowers. We stayed in
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We hopped into our green SUV with our windows rolled down and made our way to our next adventure. As my dad started driving, the road got bumpier and bumpier as we went on. It was like going up and down a rollercoaster. We made our way up the mountain for about two hours. I stuck my head out the window to be able to feel the cool mountain wind against my face. As we kept driving the scenery started to change little by little. It went from big two-story houses with a big yard and a pool too small, destroyed dilapidated houses made from wood, and tin. Little kids were playing with water caps, people not wearing shoes, unpaved dirt roads, and teenage girls carrying a child on their arms. We stopped in this neighborhood. A family of a friend that live there were nice enough to let us see their home. The first thing you see when you walk in the house is the dirt floor. Their kitchen was a dark dirty hut outside that they use to make their daily meals. I felt like I had just walked into the 1880’s. The little kids found enjoyment into sliding down a pile of dirt. Every young teenage girl was pregnant or was waiting to give birth. It was just so shocking to see how these people lived. I learned that none of them knew how to read or write and that their children don’t attend school. They don’t know what eating a proper meal is. They live off whatever one family member makes a month. …show more content…
After breakfast, we decided to pack our belongings that way when we returned from our last adventure all we had to do was just place everything inside our vehicle and go. For our last adventure, we decided to go to an Orchid place we heard about from some people from the area. We arrived and a very nice man opened the gate for us. The place was actually a house, but the orchids were in the back. We made our way to the back of the house and I can see orchids from my left and right up and down. There was actually a pool in the middle which made the place look more attracting in my opinion. The orchids were in all types of wonderful colors ranging from yellow, green, red, purple, pink, and blue. As we walked around this wonderful place I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I was so fascinated by all the different types of orchids that were there that I didn’t even know existed. “According to a many Orchid specialists, this place holds the biggest collection of orchids in the world” informed us the very nice man who was giving us a little tour around the orchids. The whole mountains and orchid scenery looked beautiful all

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