Rap Music Influence On Society

How rap music has influence African-American culture
America is known for lot things, the land of freedom, land of milk and honey, and freedom to express one thoughts, etc. America has one of the largest music style industries in the world. Music style like country, gospel, pop, rap, etc. one of those styles that influence the America society is rap music. When people were ask to define rap music? The seem to say its a style of popular music. Rap is a form of rhyming with sound expressing ones anger or thoughts in music form. Rap music have been in the America society seen the 70s. Rap music was popular among African- American people, it’s been a type of news to inform the population of how black were been treated. Rap groups like N.W.A.
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As time pass by urban youth started to understand the poetic massage it was providing, and started using it in a form of therapy. "Rap music is part of popular culture. Popular culture by its very definition means that it will have an effect on society, just like all popular culture.” Rap music has it impact in society by allowing people to not just be able to express their thought, but also be able to relate to it. One of the major error people seem to make today is associate hip-hop style as rap. Both of hip-hop and rep have nothing to do with one another. Hip-pop style reflect on what the people think is the true meaning of happiness, which is bragging about money, cars, houses, sex weed, and so on. On the other hand rap style reflect on the struggles people go through, how the government run out decision. “Some people are the greatest people on Earth with good hearts and will get in the studio and make the most negative music in the world for the sake of success. That 's what the music business does to you. That 's what capitalism does to you.” By Lupe Fiasco. Lupe criticize the role of capital system we live in today. People just want to get famous and be rich, and think that’s happiness. People criticize Lupe for been different, the world don’t want to here the truth. Lupe said, “The world we see now is full of lies,” people go what every way pop …show more content…
Its inescapability. It invades our life, ever though we don’t want it. Popular culture change how rap is view and listen in the eyes and ears of my generation and the future generation. It made rap music more main stream suit the white community, and forgot the history of rap. Enemiem is known to be a legendary rapper. Enemiem grow up in the a poor trailer house, but he was able to redirect his emotion to rap music. Hip-hop artist like lil wayne, birdman and etc., transform rap into main stream for suit what popular culture was turning into, and still called themselves rappers. There is a big difference between main stream hiphop and rap music. main stream hiphop have to massage to provide, it’s part of popular culture, its mostly deal with weed, sex, money. On other hand rap is a culture, music talk about the struggle, the unfair treatment, how politicians are using the people, etc., Lupe fiasco is one of the only rapper that still stick to the rap culture. Lupe rap style most deal with politicans over control in the nation’s life and the struggle the lower class are going

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