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  • An Example Of Personal Branding Of Lisa Mazurek

    will be found in my house as it has many purposes for me and my family. Age 5-10 - Cap’n Crunch Cereal 1. Then: As a kid, I loved this cereal as much as my sisters did. I am the oldest of four girls and when our mother went grocery shopping, you could count on at least two of us grabbing a box and putting it into the grocery cart. 2. Now: I still love this product, but much less of it, too much sugar; however, I will enjoy it once in a blue moon for great tasty memories. This is a great example of hitting the “sweet spot”. Ages 5-10 - Holly Hobby Lunch Box, produced by American Greeting Corporation 1. Then: To a 10-year-old, this lunch box rocked! I was in school and it was the “in thing” to carry your lunch to school. Most of my friends had a metal type of lunch box that contained their favorite cartoon character on the outside with a matching thermos for the inside. 2. Now: A metal lunch box now only brings back great memories and good laughs with friends. I was lucky enough to have a couple while growing up, before I was given the brown paper bag to carry lunch. That is when it was no longer cool to have a metal lunch box and the beginning of middle school. My all-time favorite lunch box ended up being Josie and the Pussycats. Today, if I found one, I would keep it for nostalgic reasons only. Age 10-15 - Schwinn Bike (Banana Seat) 1. Then: I had a blue Schwinn banana seat bike that I rode all over the neighborhood on with my friends. This was my mobile…

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  • Processed Food In Pandora's Lunch Box

    Processed foods have been around for far longer than most people know about. Before I opened this book I didn’t have much knowledge on exactly how many foods are actually processed, as a matter of fact it hardly ever crossed my mind. Before I eat a specific food I usually check the nutrient facts of the label but I always check for carbs, sugars, percentage of sodium and so on. I always looked at a box of cereal and thought, “wow this cereal has 300% daily value of vitamin A, how that was even…

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  • Noke And Lis: A Short Story

    and appropriate for most situations. Aunt Lis informed us that American children brought their lunch to school or bought lunch in the cafeteria, accordingly, with lunch boxes in hand, Mom and Aunt Lis escorted us to school on our first day. When we arrived at the Administration Office, Lis introduced us to the school’s Vice Principal and reiterated that Ellen and I did not speak English, after which Mom kissed us, wished us good luck and felt a touch of anxiety as she turned us over to the…

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  • Objective Observation In The Classroom

    The observation ended at 12:40 pm for duration of 30 minutes. J.H is a five-year-old male in an ICT classroom. The class has 16 students and two teachers. The classroom tone was quiet and calm. The lights were turned off, windows were open and sunlight shined throughout the classroom. At the time of the observation, the special education teacher, Ms. H, was leaving because she was in the process of recovering from surgery. The general education teacher, Mrs. W, lead the class from the recess…

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  • The Lunch Room: An Example Of Semi-Oiled Machine

    To me the lunch room was an example of semi-organized chaos. To those that know what is going on it is a well-oiled machine. It took me a days to figure out what was going on, but I finally got it. First things first, the students come in through the front doors of the cafeteria, the ones that brought their lunch box go and find a set at their designated table. The students that will be eating cafeteria food stay in a line with the teacher in the front. She then leads the students in to the area…

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  • High School Day Narrative

    Then he turned away. my heart rate went down and my blood was running normally again. It was the 2nd week of the 3rd grade school year, and I already had someone on my back, Justin Heart. He was in 5th grade, 9 years old and a big brat . He and his gang were the coolest kids in school and me, I was about as cool as a banana peel getting stepped on by Everyone. The problem was that I had long hair and long eyelashes and he thought I looked like a girl. But I didn’t care I liked my hair. Now it…

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  • The Lunchroom Project Case Study

    The overall problem is the basis for the survey. The problem is what gets the survey started and going. The questions and data should revolve around the problem and in theory, at the end there should be an answer to the problem. The overall problem for “The Lunchroom Project” is the school’s lunch menu. Patricia Manchester said “…I found that my normally enthusiastic students had many complaints about the school’s lunch offerings and were eager to suggest changes.” She is saying that the…

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  • Comparing The Film 'Deconstructing Food In The Lunchbox'

    parts of India are recreated in the lunchbox Ila packs. Maharashtrian dishes such as stuffed bitter gourd and basic comfort foods such as dal and paneer kofta made the cut. The lunch break is the only time the otherwise frustrated and busy accountants in Saajan’s office are seen relaxing and talking. They unwinded over meals delivered to them by dabbawalas. Food, here, is depicted as a stress buster. The film is able to differentiate between home cooked food and resteraunt food. When Saajan eats…

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  • Electric Job Experience

    This previous summer, an opportunity to work for my father’s electric company arose. The job entailed driving a thirteen-foot tall box truck with a coworker to Umpqua banks in Oregon and Washington that had relocated or closed down and “decommissioning” them by removing all technology equipment. That includes: computers, cash counters, printers, telephones, and anything that uses electricity. We would take every piece of technology and catalog them into an excel sheet with their serial and model…

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  • Imagery And Symbolism In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

    symbolism to show that evil can be present in the most innocent environment, resulting in society being tainted with dark illusion. Superstitious tradition symbolized an important role to the people in this village. Mr. Summers a man that was in charge of the majority of the events in the town, always spoke about making a new black box but never did. (134) The people of the village would rather keep the same box rather than upsetting tradition with something new. As the people in the village…

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