Pandora's Lunch Box: What Is Processed Food?

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Processed foods have been around for far longer than most people know about. Before I opened this book I didn’t have much knowledge on exactly how many foods are actually processed, as a matter of fact it hardly ever crossed my mind. Before I eat a specific food I usually check the nutrient facts of the label but I always check for carbs, sugars, percentage of sodium and so on. I always looked at a box of cereal and thought, “wow this cereal has 300% daily value of vitamin A, how that was even possible?” In the end I usually justified my concerns by stating that whatever fruits this cereal contains must be very high in those specific nutrients. Never did I think that the cereal companies actually supplement the cereal with synthetic man made vitamins. Most people never even check the labels to see exactly what specific ingredients the food they are going to eat contains. Processed food is a word that is very commonly used but hardly is it ever defined. One could define a processed food as foods that are canned, bagged or packaged and are chemically, or physically altered in a way that can make the food have a longer shelf life.

Information on processed food is not the
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Although she does prove to be an authority for the topic of processed foods, having written many articles pertaining to the subject and preforming her own studies as well as doing her research on it, it seemed as if she had a rough time transitioning from presenting information in an article form to presenting it in book form. The information in Warner’s writing is very good but has a hard time delivering it. Her writing style is boring, and drags the readers along with the excessive use of fluff and repetition, inclusion of pointless details and her lack of

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