Food Inc Documentary Analysis

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A. Two-tier system of medical care / pg. 555: a system of medical care in which the wealthy receive superior medical care and the poor inferior medical care

In the film, we got to see many ways that the food industry in the United States is corrupt. Many of the practices these companies have taken on in order to mass produce food for our country are not very healthy. These practices also are not well regulated. There is an increased risk of cultivating life threatening bacteria in this process, and also releasing prions into someones body and killing them from the meat. The over consumption of beef, and other products high in saturated fat, already contributes to heart disease. Now that these companies have taken on these unhealthy practices
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really gives a different perspective into the food industry of the United States. Before this fill I held a different opinion on the food industry in America. I believed that there are certain things you need to be concerned with when it comes to health and picking your food; like calories, fat consumption, and sugar to name a few. This film opened my eyes to a complete different aspect of choosing a healthy diet, and that to consider the source of your food. The packaging and nutrition label is one factor to consider when choosing your diet, but it certainly is not the only factor. My education on nutrition in combination with the nutritional facts listed on the products in our super markets has created a social construction of reality in my life, when it comes to deciding my diet. This social construction of reality does not affect only me, but many others in our population. This is due to the fact that the education that Food Inc. has provided me about the processes and unethical procedure, that are driven by greed, are not common knowledge to all of America. Many people are still in the dark today about the quality and safety of the products they consume every day. The population is taught by health care professionals, and other resources for health education, that the major concerns are fat, cholesterol, sugar, salt, and carbohydrates. These elements are by no means not important, but possible the second analysis you should making when it comes to you food. The first should be where the food is coming from, because of the quality of food. The assumption that all food products are the same in a store and bought from local small scale farmers is false. The education of this film should be added to every American 's list of experiences to create a new social construction of reality in the food industry. 324

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