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  • Comparison And Contrast Essay: Dorm Vs. My Home

    Living In a dorm has been a big transition from living at my parent 's house. There are some things that I like and things I don 't like at both places. From the people I live with, to the rules, I have to follow. Both my dorm and my house have their pros and cons. If there is one thing I hate the most, it 's being in dirty places. Well in the dorm, it 's very dirty. It 's not just the messes every once and a while in the hallway, but the dirt no one sees. Like how dirty the bathrooms are. The stalls always look sticky and the showers have bugs flying around in it. I take quick showers because I don 't like being in there. On the other hand at my house back home in Indianapolis, is always clean. The shower at my house is one of my favorite places to be, I can be in there forever. I 'm also not afraid to sit down on the toilet. I like my house better because it 's just overall cleaner. Being at my house I have to follow my parent 's rules, which anyone who knows my parents, they are strict. I can 't leave the house past 11:30 pm and it just seems like my freedom is taken away there. I have to do choir at my house, but I 'm usually too busy with work so I don 't really do them that much. At the dorm, I have to do my choirs or I won 't have any clothes. My dorm room would be a mess too, but I pick up after myself there. Also I don 't have a time I have to be in at the dorm, I can come and go as I please. This is good when I 'm hanging out with friends, or need to go on a…

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  • Rhiannon Analysis

    The story opens setting the location and the eerie town. The visuals are good and the description of the town sets the tone for this thriller. One already gets the sense of being isolated. The story quickly introduces Rhiannon and Sydney. Rhiannon is established as the main heroine. The introduction of both of them is rather ordinary. There’s nothing that stands out or makes a statement about whom they are and there’s nothing that makes the audience remember them. Try to find a way to make them…

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  • Personal Narrative-Cuban Restaurant

    Once and for all I am finally here, standing right in front of this coffee-colored building, with my eyes wide open and my body shaking from head to toes. What I am currently witnessing is something out of this world, nothing like what I was expecting, but so much better. Where I come from, the food is amazing, Cuban food, it is certainly one of my favorite and being at the world 's oldest Spanish and Cuban restaurant is unrealistic. Being excited is not my thing, you see, nothing really…

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  • Irony In Faulkner's A Lesson Before Dying

    the gunslinger came awake from a confused dream which seemed to consist of a single image : that of the sailor in the tarot deck from which the man in black had dealt the gunslingers own moaning future. He drowns Gunslinger the man in black was saying, and no one throws out the line. The boy jake ,But this was no nightmare This was a classic act by the man in black to trick Roland into believing jake was back from the dead and was seeking his revenge for his death. Marten transforms jake into a…

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  • Night Road Research Paper

    My favorite novel is Night Road by Kristin Hannah. It gives many different emotions that aren’t expected. When I read a book, I don’t usually get emotionally attached, but with this book I really did. It’s influenced how I look at life. There’s many events in the book that are very realistic and can actually happen to anyone. Also I can relate to my favorite character, Mia. Night Road is my favorite novel because there’s many twist and turns of emotions, it gives me a different sense of reality,…

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  • Autobiography Of A Dolphin Research Paper

    I am part of the wild life in the sea. My colors vary form grayish blue, white, and black. I don’t swim like many fish, with my tale from side to side, instead I move my flukes up and down. When I surface to the top you might swim away. I am calm most of the time, but I can be aggressive. I eat some of my fellow friends in sea. I protect you when you’re helpless. I am known as a protector and guardian to people at sea. In late summer my constellation is shining bright in the sky. I am the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Use Of Technology To Date

    I had recently come upon a quote from an anonymous person that read, “I am a hopeless romantic, living in a hook up world”. These words sum up my thoughts on dating in today’s society to a T. The use of technology to date or in other words, “to hook up” has left me feeling very unfulfilled. The disapproval on my Grandmother’s face when I explain to her that a guy I think is cute has messaged me on Twitter or Tinder to “hang out” is a good representation of how I feel as well. When she tells me…

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  • Fear In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    There are three things that all gentlemen fear. A night without a moon. A storm in the sea. And the anger of a gentlemen. But there is a new thing that should be added to that list, the death, or almost death, of a loved one and someone you hold close to your heart. There was one point where I experienced one of my friends getting stabbed. He almost died, but another friend helped him. Like the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ took a course over three days. Mine, only happened over the course of thirty…

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  • What Promoted Your Interest In Material Culture?

    What promoted your interest in material culture? Some years ago, I visited an estate in England and saw a beautifully appointed carriage and thought: Wow, they pimped their rides. I started thinking about carriages and other extravagances that constituted a very rich 18th century materialism and consumption. I wondered what carriages would reveal about the role of materialism in human life. I particularly wondered how the complex social and economic dimensions of carriage culture shaped how men…

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  • Paul Beckmann-A Man Who Has Impacted The Lives Of Many?

    Analysis Paul Beckmann- A Man Who Has Impacted the Lives of Many I came into this class not understanding the meaning of entrepreneurship. I thought it was just a simple way to make a business and make a quick buck in the long run. I wasn’t sure if it was the experience I was looking for and I wanted more than what my major offered me. However, I realize there’s so much more. I came in contact with Paul Beckmann previously working on my business proposal for Surf Media. Paul uses different…

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