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  • Gabriel Arana's Article: My So Called Ex-Gay Life

    statistics. This comes from Wayne Besen on his YouTube Channel. James Guay underwent Conversion therapy when he was a teenager and it did not change him. He talked about these in his article “My Hellish Youth in Conversion Therapy and How I got out.” He was raised in a strict fundamentalist community where homosexuality was considered an abomination to God worthy of total damnnation in hell. Just like many conversion therapy patients, Guay was persuaded into blaming, his homosexuality on his distant relationship with his father and his over involved relationship with his mother. Just like many individuals Guan was forced to blame a nonexistent sexual assault, as a factor of his homosexuality. He went with his father to groups lead by Exodus International. These young men were taught how to act and talk manlier. Guan was given tapes to listen to on how to have a “corrective and healing relationship with Jesus. The materials talked about how homosexuality would create disease depravity, and misery (Guay). In his last conference that he attended with his father, Guan had fallen in love with a man. Guan had then realized that the therapies that his parents made him go through were not working. It was a painful process for him, but he had done his best, and had proven that this was not possible (Guay). According to Peter Tatchell in his Article “Killed by Doctors,” Tatchell states that a twenty-nine year old man died as a result of conversion therapy. Authorities tried to cover…

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  • Moses In Exodus

    God uses certain people to impact many others. After reading the first twenty chapters of Exodus, it is clear that God was still living out his promise to Abraham through Moses. Moses’ lineage traces back to Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham. God placed the infant Israelite, Moses, in Pharaoh’s household, speaks to Moses, uses Moses to free the Israelites and finally taught the Israelites of God’s laws in these chapters. God’s covenant to Abraham included all of Abraham’s decedents taking over the…

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  • Exodus And The Wierbe Bible Commentary

    will write a scriptural response to the assigned reading of the NIV Study Bible and the Wiersbe Bible Commentary. I will write my response to Exodus and chapters twenty through twenty-eight of the Wiersbe Bible Commentary. Content Division The book of Exodus is broken up into different sections. The first is the oppression of Israel and the birth of Moses. During the time of the birth of Moses, Pharaoh saw that the Israelites numbers grew. He was afraid of an uprising so he gave the order,…

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  • Similarities Between Moses And Joshua

    Discuss the major hindrances in the lives of Moses and Joshua and compare them to your own life and experiences. Moses and Joshua had major hindrances when God called on them to led the Israelites to the Promise land and compare the two prophets to my very own life experiences. Studying Moses and Joshua led God’s people to the promise Land had major difficulties. First, Moses began his life as an adopted son to the Egyptian court. But when she hid him no longer, she got him a wicker basket and…

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  • Biblical Allusions In The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

    Ulysses S. Grant once said, “Hold fast to the Bible. To the influence of this Book we are indebted for all the progress made in true civilization and to this we must look as our guide in the future.” In his novel, The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck uses the universality of the Bible to make the account of the migrant’s plight applicable and understandable to all readers. By using Biblical references, Steinbeck is able to put the major themes and motifs of his novel into a framework to which all…

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  • Argumentative Speech On Face's Beauty

    We must remember that we are in a spiritual exodus! Even though we already have “the tablets of the covenant,” we constantly and consistently fail because our nature is to “break the rules” (also called sin), but overall because we are not close to the Lord. When talking about being close to the Lord, I am not just saying being close to the Lord physically because the Lord is already always with us if we are believers; I am also talking about being close to the Lord through obedience and…

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  • Exodus: An Exegetical Analysis Of Exodus

    believe that the primary implication of this passage is a better understanding of the character of God and his role in the lives of his people. This is a major theme in all of Exodus, as well as specifically in the revelation of God’s name to Moses and to the people of that time. He is a God that loves all of his creation and desires for all people to come into a saving relationship with him (1 Timothy 2:3-4). To this end he voices the words: “Bring my sons out of Egypt” and “I will be with you”…

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  • Culture And Religion Essay

    Throughout this class, I learned how to analyze cultures and compare them to what our culture is now. Going through the four different cultures, they have many similarities as well as differences. After forty years of wandering throughout Moab, the Israelites finally made it to their promise land. There were many battles to be fought to gain control over their land. They would regroup for more assaults on fortresses and cities. They established cities and made a land for themselves. But with the…

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  • Book Of Judges Chapter 12 Summary

    Moses delivered the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage and led them almost to the Promised Land (via the LORD of course). Then Joshua completed Moses’ work by bringing them into the Promise Land. Then Joshua led the conquest against all the nations that occupied the land; killing everyone in their path. Now with Moses and Joshua gone, the period of the Judges begins. This was a time when Israel was governed by a series of very colorful judges as you will see. Then the period of the…

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  • The Bible And The 500 Years Of Conquest Analysis

    Bible in the past centuries. The five treatments include use of the Bible for conquest, rejection of the Bible, the "popular" reading of the bible and Indigenous hermeneutics. In this first treatment, the Biblical narrative from Exodus is used to justify the conquest and genocide of non-Christians throughout history. Stating that just as the Israelites took the land of Canaan, so should the conquerors take other land, said to be theirs by the Pope. The second treatment is rejection, tells the…

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