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  • Personal Narrative: The Use Of Technology To Date

    I had recently come upon a quote from an anonymous person that read, “I am a hopeless romantic, living in a hook up world”. These words sum up my thoughts on dating in today’s society to a T. The use of technology to date or in other words, “to hook up” has left me feeling very unfulfilled. The disapproval on my Grandmother’s face when I explain to her that a guy I think is cute has messaged me on Twitter or Tinder to “hang out” is a good representation of how I feel as well. When she tells me about her own personal experience with dating, I feel as if she is speaking a foreign language. Not using technology to date is unfamiliar in today’s society, something that does not set well with me. Not only has communication spiraled downwards; the use of politeness is also a dying art. The very first date I was taken on was during my junior year of high school. I wore my favorite jeans, and a red shirt I had bought just for the occasion. We were going to see a movie and he was supposed to pick me up at 7:00. When 7:30 rolled around and he was still not there, my stomach felt empty and I was genuinely upset. I didn’t like the feeling of waiting on someone. When he finally arrived with no apology, blaring music in my driveway, my mood was already set for the night. Had I, for some reason, expected him to be timely, knock on my door when he arrived and maybe even open my door to let me in his car? My Grandmother’s standards were stuck in my head and maybe for good reason. Both men and…

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  • Reflection On Self Assessment

    Management 3120 changed the way I think about how I should perform. The self-assessment worksheets showed my strengths and weaknesses and from those I learned to plan and set goals. I also have a higher expectation for myself now. In the management traits self-assessment, I found out that I like to work alone, is a self-starter, self-reliant, trustworthy, fair, and loyal person and working with others and being able to change are challenging to me. I feel that I can change to like to work with…

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  • My Strengths

    I’ll have to admit, at first I thought taking a quiz to find out my strengths seemed kind of bogus. I wasn’t all for it; it honestly seemed like a waste of time. Once we got to class and started analyzing our strengths, I began to realize that maybe this quiz wasn’t such a joke. Most of us have spent our entire lives with the mindset that we need to build up our weaknesses. As we found out, this might not be entirely true. It turns out that it is actually more productive to capitalize on our…

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  • Existentialism In Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave

    Existential Ideas of Two Distant Eras Ever since the creation of the universe and life, humans and other intelligent beings have questioned their existence. Forms of art such as music, paintings, and literature attempt to provide answers to and comfort in the presence of life’s toughest questions. Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” written circa 380 B.C.E. provides an early insight into the meanings of life for different individuals’ lives using existential principles much later defined by…

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  • Erasmus's Influence On The Protestant Reformation

    There were many other factors that contributed to the Reformation, one being the new humanistic fashion of reading and writing that allowed people to become more insightful and critical. A popular literary humanistic method introduced during the Renaissance was the reading of ancient texts and analyzing them to increase knowledge and insight. Writing became a key way to communicate thoughts and opinions to others. Reading and writing affected the Protestant Reformation greatly because it allowed…

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  • Themes In August Wilson's The Piano Lesson

    Playwright August Wilson uses his plays to display the struggles of Black Americans living throughout the twentieth century. In fact, August Wilson uses The piano Lesson to uncover the hardships Boy Willie and his family face focusing on a time when his family was held captive as slaves to a chance to own his own piece of land. The Piano Lesson demonstrates the importance of family heirlooms and how no amount of money could ever replace the sentimental value they hold. Berniece and Boy Willie…

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  • Martin Luther's Argument Against The Roman Catholic Church

    Martin Luther was an influential leader during the Protestant Reformation. He confronted the Roman Catholic Church on their system of indulgences while everyone turned a blind eye. Constantly, Luther was called a liar, heretic, and an outlaw by the Catholic Church for his teachings that conflicted with the Roman Catholics’ religious orders and beliefs. However, he never stood down regardless of if he was to face death or excommunication. His theology would be the sole foundation of his teachings…

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  • Protestant Reformation Impact

    Protestant Reformation had an important impact on the society. Martin Luther proposed the secularization of marriage system. The main contents included the enactment of new marriages, the abolition of secret marriages, government-controlled secular courts or government-authorized churches (Mr. Chan&Mr. Wong, 2013). Protestant Reformation banned secret marriage which originally referred to both men and women exchange marriage in front of the priest but did not need to families’ recognition.…

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  • Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses Analysis

    Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany on November 10, 1483, and died on February 18, 1546. He was a German professor of theology, a composer, and an influential figure in the Protestant Reformation. He was also a German monk who wanted to change things about the Catholic Church, and this is the main reason why he wrote the theses. He wrote the Ninety-Five Theses, also known as the Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences, to debate a list of questions and propositions. He…

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  • Essay On Luther's Contribution To The Protestant Reformation

    Martin Luther (1483-1546) was an known as an Augustinian monk, associated with L.F.A or Lay Faith Affiliated with Order. Augustinian, or Austin, friars are a mendicant order.According to Britannica, A mendicant order includes “Dominicans, Franciscans, Augustinians (Augustinian Hermits), Carmelites, Trinitarians, Mercedarians, Servites, Minims, Hospitallers of St. John of God, and the Teutonic order”(Britannica) affiliated with Roman Catholicism. As consecrated religious, they were to pray the…

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