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  • The Importance Of Exotic Pets

    Numerous people believe owning an exotic pet, such as a tiger or a lion would be fine, since some people view these exotic animals as normal average pets. However, not many Americans take into consideration the effects these exotic animals can cause to humans and to the animals themselves. In National Geographic, the author of the article,“Exotic Pets”, Lauren Slater, presents a graph to show that 66% of exotic animals are owned privately, 28% of the animals are owned by the zoo, and 6% of the animals are owned by the circus. The percentages shown above represent the total amount of exotic pets being held captive without a license or a permit, which is 96%, from 1990 all the way up to 2013. This statement alone gives the following…

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  • Exotic Animals Are Not Pets Essay

    Exotic animals are not pets. Would you like to have a snake crawling through your house? Or a jaguar lying on your couch waiting to bother with you and then attack? Titi monkeys, lemurs, seahorses, great green macaws, white bengal tigers, scorpions, and crocodiles are only some of the large list of animals that live with people and share their day to day life. They are kept as regular pets, even if they are not happy, safe or obtained legally. Therefore, people should not be allowed to…

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  • Essay On Exotic Pets

    will notice a cat sleeping or a dog loudly barking . Pets are an essential part of a family, but what if just a cat or a dog is not enough. What if a family didn't want to be mainstream, what if they wanted something else? Over the last few years there has been a growing trend of owning exotic pets. These animals can be smarter, more colorful and interesting or they could be outright expensive and dangerous. So the question arises, should an exotic animal really be kept as a pet. They may have…

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  • Exotic Pet Issues

    Exotic Pets: the issues involved Have you ever owned or know anyone who's ever owned an exotic pet? Take a second and think about it. Think about where that animal originates from, what environment it thrives in, and how it got where it is now. Most likely that animal was smuggled across the border into the United States or bred in some backyard in subpar conditions. These conditions can be so bad that the animals go insane or escape. The laws provide loop holes for people to mistreat or…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Animals Be Exotic Pets?

    July 2009, Jaren Hare and boyfriend, Charles Darnell, are sentenced to 12 years in jail after their pet python broke free from his cage only to strangle their two year old daughter, Shaianna, to her death. This story is only one of the dozens and dozens exotic pet attacks. Exotic animals should not be pets because they can be dangerous, and wild animals will always be wild animals, even in captivity. With over 70 exotic pet attacks within the last 20 years, exotic pets are known to grow up and…

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  • Should Animal Animals Be Banned

    Exotic Animals, Should They be Privately Owned? The USA Today column (2011) “Today’s Debate” featured two articles “Wild Animals Aren’t Pets” by the editor and “Opposing View: Let People Own Exotic Animals” written by Zazan Kukol to discuss if exotic and wild animals should be kept as (Wyrick 29-32). After objectively analyzing the strengths and weakness of each article, one must consider if exotic animals should be privately owned or banned from private ownership. The argument can be made that…

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  • Essay On Exotic Animals

    What if a small girl walked into a restaurant and saw a tough looking businessman that was holding a leash. What if at the end of the leash was an exotic white tiger. A white tiger that was being choked by the leash and was aggressively attacking those around him. A white tiger who was trying to kill. People should not be allowed to own exotic pets. They are not only dangerous to those around them, but they can also carry diseases, be abused, and forced into the illegal exotic animal pet trade. …

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  • Argumentative Essay On Owning Exotic Animals

    Pre-Benchmark Essay Rough Draft Imagine if you were a slave and if you were not acting as your owner wanted they pulled out teeth and fingernails.That's the reality for exotic pets in our present day. There is somewhere over a million exotic animals in the U.S. only a few thousands are in zoos. When I say exotic I mean animals from other countries, mostly wild. Such animals would be tigers, lions and other big cats. Or other animals from other countries like a platypus from Australia, or a…

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  • Comparison Essay On Pet Owners

    All pet owners share one characteristic, their love for animals. The similarities pretty much end there as peoples’ personalities and behaviors differ based on what pet they own. Most people choose a pet that reflects themselves and that they can enjoy their activities with. Well over half of the people in the United States own a pet; however, the personalities of these people differ drastically based on the type of pets they own: dogs, cats, exotics (small mammals, avian, amphibians, reptiles,…

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  • Essay On Exotic Animal Trade

    The Exotic Animal Trade Have you ever thought of what it would be like to own a tiger or a lion? At five years old the thought of owning an exotic pet seemed very appealing. However as I grew older and more mature the reality of the situation and the idea does not seem like a dream anymore. When most families decide to buy a family pet they generally look for a fancy goldfish, a cute puppy, or even an energetic bunny, not a dangerous exotic animal. Exotic pets can be defined as an animal not…

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