The Importance Of Exotic Pets

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Numerous people believe owning an exotic pet, such as a tiger or a lion would be fine, since some people view these exotic animals as normal average pets. However, not many Americans take into consideration the effects these exotic animals can cause to humans and to the animals themselves. In National Geographic, the author of the article,“Exotic Pets”, Lauren Slater, presents a graph to show that 66% of exotic animals are owned privately, 28% of the animals are owned by the zoo, and 6% of the animals are owned by the circus. The percentages shown above represent the total amount of exotic pets being held captive without a license or a permit, which is 96%, from 1990 all the way up to 2013. This statement alone gives the following …show more content…
According to National Geographic, the article “Exotic Pets”, former exotic wildlife owner, Tim Harrison claims, “(I) will never again own anything wild or exotic./ (I) believe ownership of all potentially dangerous exotic animals should be banned”. Therefore even a former owner of wolves, snakes, lions, and bears agrees that having possession of wild animals can be extremely dangerous to a person considering exotic pets can be unpredictable. Furthermore, owners of exotic pets do not realize the risk and danger they put on the community for housing these exotic creatures. In National Geographic, the article “Exotic Pets” Lauren Slater writes, “A man named Terry Thompson let 50 of his wild animals, including lions and tigers, out of their cages and enclosures before killing himself”. This quote depicts an example of a man from Ohio, who let out 50 wild animals, causing a dangerous situation for citizens living in Muskingum County. The animals were running in the streets and walking into random neighbors backyards which was a hazard to the safety of the city. Citizens need to realize exotic animal 's natural instincts are dangerous, especially since animals are meant to roam free and not be trapped in a cage. If wild animals escape or are released from their cages, then there is a really high possibility that children or adults will be attacked or mauled because of the …show more content…
Many people fail to realize exotic pets go through abuse when traveling from place to place, or even when the animals are living with an owner. According to Peta, in the article “Inside the Exotic Pet Trade” and “Keep Wild Animals Out of Backyards”, Chrissy Matthies, an author for Peta claims, “ When trappers, take animals from their natural habitats, the animals often change hands several times through intermediaries and exporters, and they endure grueling transport conditions.” The definition of trappers is “the use of device to remotely catch an animal”(The Adventures of Jungle Jenny). Which means exotic animals go through countless people before actually arriving at a destination and when being transported the animals are crammed into very small crates, boxes, and various other places through the animal 's journey. Another example from Peeta, in the article “Inside the Exotic Trade”, Chrissy Matthies writes, “ Baby turtles have been taped so that they are trapped inside their shells and shoved by the dozen into tube socks”. Which clearly shows how animals are mistreated through transportation in order to bring the exotic animals over to the United States. The evidence also show the lengths that the trappers go to in order to make money off of the poor critters, and gives an example for the little care that the trappers put into the animal through

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