Exotic Animals Are Not Pets Essay

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Exotic animals are not pets. Would you like to have a snake crawling through your house? Or a jaguar lying on your couch waiting to bother with you and then attack? Titi monkeys, lemurs, seahorses, great green macaws, white bengal tigers, scorpions, and crocodiles are only some of the large list of animals that live with people and share their day to day life. They are kept as regular pets, even if they are not happy, safe or obtained legally. Therefore, people should not be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets. Exotic pets that are not supposed to be pets suffer or die. Occasionally, animals are abused under different circumstances. While the hunting, per example, those creatures are persecuted and invaded. In addition, they …show more content…
Many exotic and non-exotic animals are endangered. Being endangered means there are only a few of them that exist by the reason that others had died. This is primarily by the cause that people are killing them by hunting them or only because they are altering the ecosystems and animals can’t survive. Also, they are obtained by an illegal sale. A reason of this is that they are under protection of animal advocacy organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society, Dumb Friends League, Human Society of the United States and many more. By the same motives, the organizations and governmental agencies protect those animals for the reason that changing their habitat alters the environment in a tragic way. Equally important, the situation of exportation is illegally practiced. This happens because many of the times exotic animals are exported without permission or are hunted under a prohibited hunting. And the main reason of this to happen is that they are being sold on the black market, with the purpose of receiving more money in exchange of exotic pets. Although some animals are sold legally, some are not and selling is not the only way of acting illegally. Although some people like to have something interesting and exotic in their lives, it should not be an exotic animal because exotic animals are not pets. They are being affected by many factors, and they can affect us similarly. Instead

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