Conflicts In Tangerine

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In Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, many decisions and choices lead to conflicts and consequences. Paul is a middle school kid who plays soccer and has coke bottle glasses. He doesn’t live such a normal life considering that his brother is evil and does very bad things and isn’t just your ordinary older brother. Paul makes many decisions over long periods of time, since he was born, but all these decisions have not gone his way. They even make his life worse. First off, Paul, the main character, decided to finally confront his parents and what truly happened to him when he was a kid. His parents have been holding on to a secret for a very long time, since Paul was a little five year old. In the book it says, “You were five years old, Paul...I …show more content…
What Paul decides to do is not smart and resulted in serious consequences. Tino and Victor decided to walk in at the senior awards and cause a big scene and beat up Erik and Arthur to quench their thirst for revenge for what they did to their brother Luis Cruz. Meanwhile, Paul decides to get out of the bleachers, jump through the air and land right on the coaches back.This is exactly what happened, “Then Tino stepped back, measured the distance, and brought his knee up into Erik’s face… ‘That's for Luis Cruz! I take care of his light work.’... All I remember next is Mom shouting ‘Paul!’ as I took off, flying through the air ,I landed hard on Coach Warner’s back” (258 & 259).As a result of Paul’s actions he got expelled. “‘Your violation is called a ‘Level Four Infraction’... assaulting a teacher or other school Board employee. This is the most serious level of infraction and the penalty for this and any Level Four Infraction is expulsion”’ (294). Paul did not make a good choice. He could not diminish the severity of what he had done and he suffered the consequences. Paul got out of control which is why he is getting expelled. All in all, Paul really has to watch Erik behind his back just in case Erik decides to get payback on Paul for telling the cops on

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