Mercy Gilbert Medical Center Interview Summary

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Mercy Gilbert Medical Center (MGMC) in Gilbert, Arizona is the focus facility of this interview summary. An interview was requested from a “Clinical Architect” from MGMC and the focus was on the newly implemented charting system and all that went along in that process. Some points of discussion were on software issues, security problems, interoperability dilemmas, and government regulations.
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center opened in 2006 and houses 198 beds complete with an Emergency Room and a Level II Labor and Delivery. It also specializes in,”...a complete range of care back by the depth of expertise of heart, neurology, orthopedics, and surgery services ("Emergency Services," n.d., p. 1). MGMC also holds several substantial awards.
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She is an Alumni of Grand Canyon University with her Master’s in the Science of Nursing with an emphasis in Health Care Informatics. At MGMC, she is the Clinical Architect for the Cerner system. This title enables her to tailor the system to the needs and wants of the staff along with the knowledge to troubleshoot. She started her nursing career in labor and delivery as a staff nurse and worked her way thru school and her job gradually evolved into running the documentation systems in two sister hospitals. She has taken on user training classes, interacts with vendors, assists with the security components and runs audits on the system. Anything that comes up with the system (questions, problems, password resets, etc.), she is the individual that is held accountable for these …show more content…
With this particular system the security issues were minimal with only one large system to maintain versus the multiple systems that were previously being used. The changeover made it less stressful in trying to align the security measures to protect the patient data that was put into the system. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has rules and regulations that, “…place safeguards to protect your health information and ensure they do not use or disclose your health information improperly” ("Guidance Materials", p. 1). In the Cerner training classes, these rules were discussed and are being strictly enforced with the staff. Unfortunately, Debbie reported that the Security Team coordinated these efforts prior to the system being implemented and prior to her involvement. But, one security measure that is in place is the password resets every 180

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