Professional Nurse Analysis

The Image of the Professional Nurse

As we view the media daily, we tend to see that there are many different aspects of our

daily lives being portrayed either negatively or positively. The image of nursing is a very

important factor because it may change people’s image on the professional nurse. The media

portrays various misconceptions about nurses. However, the positive portrayals of nurses in

some concepts are being revealed. This paper further explores how the image of the professional

nurse is portrayed positively in the media. One current portrayal of nurses is in a TV Show,

Nurse Jackie in season six, episode one, where the main character is a nurse who uses

therapeutic communication, maintains the confidentiality and
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She illustrates herself as a skilled and well educated nurse that presents all her motivation

and dedication for her clients. Her role as a nurse is to help care for her clients, assist them with

any of their needs, and be a mindful advocate for clients and the community. Jackie presents herself as a smart and caring nurse who reinforces the negative

stereotypes of nurses. Her behaviour interprets the ethical dilemmas and challenges that nurses

face in reality with clients. In addition, Jackie stands out amongst the health care members by healing patients, assessing them, and fitting their needs and desires. She breaks the stigma that

the public has of nurses, of being a handmaiden to the doctor. Jackie is not only a vigilant

advocate to her patients, she also advices a first year student nurse named Zoey Barkow. Zoey

can relate a lot to her because she decided to enter the nursing field to help others, just like

Jackie. Zoey informs Jackie, “I think you are a saint” (Nurse Jackie, 2014), from this quote, it is

evident to the viewers that Zoey looks up to Jackie and learns from her professional
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Corresponding to nurse Jackie, she builds trust, respect, and empathy with the client that allows

her to fully utilize the therapeutic communication. She delivers her professional representation of

intimacy, power and the proper care that she entrusts with her clients.

When a client comes into any health care facility, they are sharing very important

information with the health care members. As a nurse, it is important to be aware that the

information retrieved should remain confidential and not shared with the public. In the article,

Privacy, Employees, and Human Resources: A Case Report, outlines how it is important to

maintain privacy and confidentiality of clients. It further summarizes the various issues and

consequences that has risen in health care facilities in relation to confidentiality and privacy.

Alike the behaviours of nurse Jackie, she portrays the ethical image of nurses maintaining the

privacy of clients. When she is hospitalizing a client, she appropriately draws the curtain to

promote client safety, dignity and privacy, as well as maintaining all client’s data

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