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  • The Moral Dilemma Of Antigone And Martin Luther King Jr.

    governmental standards. Antigone and Martin Luther King Jr. knew that one must fight against the government if one wanted to change their society. Though rebellion is mostly viewed in a negative connotation, rebellion allows our societies to continuously change and advance. If it weren 't for Martin Luther King Jr.’s stand against racial discrimination by the government, colored citizens would have continued to have limited rights in our current society. Martin Luther King Jr. knew that his life was going to be at risk, but he knew that there was unjust in the community; a community he didn’t want his children to live in. Antigone and Martin Luther King Jr. both believed that an action’s righteousness is not defined by the government but by the people themselves, that rebellion can cause good change, and that one must stand up for what is right, not for what is accepted. They wanted to do to others, what they would have wanted to be done to themselves, so they both stood for what they believed was…

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  • Personal Essay: The Definition Of A Good Life

    But also, a bit different. Martin Luther King has a view with goals and how people have to complete them without having someone interfering. Lao Tzu has a view of taking day by day. One belief is more in the present when the other is more of the future. That is why in this case, I am more leaned towards Lao Tzu ideology. I agree with Lao Tzu more than Martin Luther King belief because I am someone who do not like to think a lot about their future. I like to take day by day at a time. For…

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  • Martin Luther King Jr.: I Have A Dream Of Equality

    Who is one person who inspired everyone and had a dream of equality. Can you guess who this person is ? Martin Luther King Jr. was an inspire and and inspired me by doing what he did and how much he loved his people for everyone one having rights. Just because you are a different race or skin color does not mean you are better than them or treat them poorly. That is how MLK inspired me. He stood up for himself and his nation for equality.” All men are created equal.” Declaration of Independence.…

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  • Harvie Krumpet Belonging Analysis

    Some techniques include having a close up of Harvie’s face whilst he was at school with his friend and had things being thrown at their faces. That represents the process of not belonging by Harvie being made fun of by his friends and not being treated the same as other people in his school. He feels like he doesn’t belong as he is sitting with only one other person and having a close of his face represents the result of how he feels. Another technique that is used in the Harvey Krumpet short…

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