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  • Intellectual Representation Of Women Journalism Essay

    white ‘Breaking News’ headlines, studios and clips of historical male journalists such as Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. The classical piano keys reach a crescendo, harmonizing with an emotionally moving string ensemble, simultaneously flashing forward to a modern newsroom as the characters are shown to the audience. The juxtapose between the two newsrooms serves to embed a certain historical influence, distinguishing and carrying over a specific an intellectual continuity associated with these respected male journalists. But why not include highly influential female journalists in American history; one of the greatest war correspondents Martha Gellhorn, or second most influential woman in the world Dorothy Thomson? The decision to ignore esteemed women journalists is the result of a social order inscribed to our condition, to give higher attention to male journalists over their equally respected female counterparts in the history of hierarchal profession. Customarily “hidden from our direct…

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  • Comparing Two Cities Essay

    A small town and a big city might not always be thought of as being similar, but if you dig far enough, those similarities are right under the surface. Titonka, Iowa, is definitely considered a small town. Although small, Titonka has similar qualities to those of a big city. One particular city would be New York City, New York. New York is the largest city, by population, in the United States. These two cities have similar qualities when it comes to people, things to do, and monuments. These two…

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  • Importance Of Urban Anthropology

    hold of New York City, the Lenape tribe were natives to this land. “Around 11, 000 years before the first Europeans sailed through the Narrows, the Lenape people foraged, hunted and fished the regional bounty”¹. In the early 1500’s a man named Giovanni da Verrazano was the first European explorer to ever land on New York’s soil. In the ear of 1609, a man named Henry Hudson discovered and created the first settlement while sailing up and down the Atlantic coast in search of a faster root to Asia.…

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  • New York City Trip

    New York City Trip On July 10-17, my family and I took a trip to New York City. This was our first trip her and we were very excited to see all the sights. My half-brother used to live in New York and we just never got around to seeing them, plus I was too young to really enjoy the New York experience. New York City is one of the best and busiest places in the United States. The state is full of history both good and bad. B. We did a lot of things that common tourist usually do. First,…

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  • Gossip Girl Poem Analysis

    New York City has a culture that many cannot resist. Whether the city’s used in entertainment and the media, or just talked about, many people are fascinated with the New York lifestyle, culture and diversity. In a poem for The New York, Terrance Hayes shows the diversity on a single roof-top bar in Chinatown. He writes about the different types of people around him and the possibilities. His emphasize on this idea is clear when he writes “On a Chinatown rooftop in New York anything can happen”…

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  • Culture In The Great Gatsby

    Some people may oppose the fact that new money is better than old money. In F. Scott Fitzgerald 's book "The great Gatsby" the author compares all characters of new money and old money in New York and Long Island. Not only did Fitzgerald compare the money she compared the culture.The culture during the 1920s in New York was formal opposed to Long Island where the culture was extravagant. To begin with, In Fitzgerald 's novel the main character, Nick Carraway, is living on the west egg of…

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  • The Cooper Union Address: Documentary Analysis

    During the 19th century, New York was an average populated area that will then multiply its population at an incredible rate. It was throughout this period that New York experienced revolutionary change. According to historian Kenneth T. Jackson, “in 1800 New York had only 100,000 people and by 1900 it had 50 times as many people”. The documentary begins by telling the life of Walt Whitman as a child born in long island who enjoyed playing baseball in the vacant fields. The documentary talks…

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  • Descriptive Essay On New York City

    New York City From a New Yorker’s Point of View: A City Filled with Flaws New York City. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. These phrases always seem to catch the attention of many people. When New York comes up in a conversation, most people think about well-known locations like Grand Central Station where you can travel to upstate New York or other states near New York, or Times Square where the lights shine the brightest and there are so many different things to do like shopping,…

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  • What Makes People Poor Research Paper

    What makes people poor? What are the causes of people becoming poor? (Thomas B Edsall) Dr. E saw poverty as a technical problem, not a moral one or political pressures, to get an explanation where poverty start. “ We should consider the ramification of new research that provides insight into urban social disorder, worklessness, the rising salience of education and the shortcoming of government policy.” The scope of this research on unemployments to look at the consequences for men who group…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Big Apple: New York City

    Apple New York City is the place that everyone dreams of visiting. From the building, to the city lights, everyone wants to see the city that never sleeps. I remember being six years old and seeing NYC on the news while sitting on my couch in my living room in Poland. All the tall building and city streets did not fail to quickly capture my attention. Before I knew it my parents and I were on the plane and ready to move to NYC. Not knowing what to expect, I was excited yet very nervous at the…

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