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  • Progressive Era Dbq Analysis

    changes in American cities during Urbanization, such as the spoils system, political machines, and robber barons, the majority of these changes were beneficial towards the evolution of today’s society, which is demonstrated by technological advances like Carnegie Steel and Edison’s light bulb, revolutionizing sanitary reforms sparked from books such as Jacob Riis’s How the Other Half Lives, and Carnegie and Rockefeller 's rise of industry. During Urbanization, politicians developed new methods…

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  • Analysis Of Fifth Avenue Uptown By James Baldwin

    My first official memory of New York would be taking place in the Bronx, summer of 2003. I was five years old sitting outside on the steps of our apartment building in the Grand Concourse, which is known as “The Project Village”. You could hear the Spanish music that blasted from the other apartment windows, and see the smaller kids like me getting ready to have relay races and actually enjoy the sun, and my favorite which was seeing the coquito man come up the hill with his truck. A coquito in…

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  • Diversity In New York City

    Topic: Diversity in New York City General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: I want to inform my class of three main areas of diversity in New York City. Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Three main areas of diversity in New York City are: (1) culture; (2) architecture; and (3) distribution of wealth. Introduction I. [Attention Getter] Imagine walking down the street as you notice your surroundings. A. You smell fresh Italian food as you step out of your taxi. B. You start walking and see a…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Wonderful Time To New York

    wonderful time in New York; it was fun from the beginning to the end. I first got ready to pack my clothes and everything that was need for the trip. I was so excited for this, I waited for this a long time and I was ready to go and have fun. We drove to the airport than we parked are car, than I grabbed two bags than my brother grabbed two and my sister grabbed two as well. Than we took a shuttle to the airport, finally there, the check-in line was long there were a lot of people. I was shocked…

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  • Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

    workday was coming to an end the Triangle Shirtwaist Companies factory in New York City burned, killing 145 workers. The factory was located on the eighth, ninth, and tenth floors of the Asch Building in a neighborhood of Manhattan. The floor the employees were working on had a number of exits, including a freight elevator, a fire escape (that crumbled), and stairways; however, rapidly increasing flames quickly prevented workers from using those exits. The only remaining exit was a door to the…

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  • Rudy Giuliani's Broken Windows Theory

    Although Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York City in the 1990s, is most frequently credited with starting that city’s application of the broken windows theory, his predecessor, David Dinkin, truly began its use. He hired 8,000 new officers, as well as a new police commissioner, and began the move towards broken windows and community policing (Business Insider). Additionally, while it is true that New York’s crime rates have dropped in the past few decades, the reasons behind this are unclear.…

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  • Visit New York City

    places to visit around the world but many people choose New York City as their destination, New York has many touristic and fascinating places to visit. On top of that it has a rich history of the first people who venture to this country and helped build the city that you see today, all of there culture and experiences are engraved in the city’s most famous landmark such as Ellis Island and the Statue of liberty. New York is the more diverse city in the world. New York’s diversity can found in…

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  • Who Is Portrayed In Andrew Clements's Things Hoped For?

    Gwen from West virginia. Gwen was named the same name as her grandma. Her grandma dies, and her Grandpa lives in New york City. Gwen analyzes her life year by year. She begins to realize she's 14 and life matters now. Gwen is very into music, she plays the violin and is trying to go to school for it. Gwen receives an invitation from her Grandpa to come live with him in New york so she can study music there. Gwen makes her way to the big city of New york. Gwen has been in New york…

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  • Essay On New Jersey

    New Jersey is the greatest state in America. This has nothing to do with the fact that I have lived in New Jersey my whole life; I make this claim strictly with objectivity and fact based arguments. The diverse, and densely populated state is home to a bevy of attractive and titillating features. Historically, culturally, scenically, New Jersey is without equal. Conventional wisdom of New Jersey’s ails are not grounded in reality. New Jersey is called “The Garden State” for a reason, as despite…

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  • New York City Vs Chicago Essay

    New York and Chicago are two of the United States biggest cities. The two cities are extremely diverse and rich in history. Residents of New York and Chicago share similar values and living habits. New York City and Chicago are the most infamous American cities and for that reason they have many great attractions. Although there are many similarities, New York City and Chicago share many differences also. Robert De Niro Once said, “ I go to Paris, I go to London, I go to Rome, and I always…

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